Europe, US: destruction of Christian symbols, disruption of Mass [CWN]


Recent days have witnessed the destruction of Christian symbols in Europe and the United States and the disruption of a Mass.On Christmas Day, a vandal entered a parish in Douai, …



Yep, the hatred of Christians is here in MA and growing, as reported in the article.

Religious tolerance is absent in liberal states like MA.



I frequently attend Mass at that parish in Berwyn, Il. Sad.


Couldn’t be more correct. LGBT-ism and its many forms, couplings, and public demonstrations are treated as heroic and brave; atheists and professional skeptics are prominently featured on Public Radio during religious seasons like Christmas and Easter. Observing Christians - and particularly Catholics of course - seem to be regarded as something of a cultural embarrassment, along the lines of the proverbial “crazy uncle in the attic.” In a way, MA has completed an ironic “full circle:” just as the Pilgrims arrived for “freedom of religion” (which meant freedom to practice THEIR way and no other way), “liberals” are all for “individual freedom” and “freedom of thought” only as long as such thoughts agree with THEIR opinions and whatever is currently politically correct.


In our local Catholic high schools and colleges emphasize diversity all the time, and some of this is very good, as they promote fairness towards different groups. Some not so good. But why don’t Catholic institutions ever address the issue of anti-Catholicism? Why should this one bigotry still be acceptable?


Doesn’t necessarily worry me. Just because they desecrate symbols doesn’t change reality one bit. It’s like Satanists who have blasphemous symbols and art: all they have for support is their fantasies.


The incidents were divided among France, Germany, the United States and Austria, which have a combined population in excess of 450 million people.

Out of this incredibly large sample size, they found 7 incidents, none of which involved violence against persons.

Yes, this is definitely what persecution truly looks like. Surely the evil LGBT community and the wicked Muslims have never experienced persecution on such a level! :rolleyes:

Don’t get me wrong, these acts are disgusting. But come on already with the persecution stuff.



Amen. Western Christians have developed a melodramatic persecution complex. They should complain of their hardships to the Iraqi Christian father who saw his daughter raped before having her throat cut with a broken bottle.


I’m going to have to agree with you on that. Vandalism happens all the time; doesn’t really matter for what reason. I’ll just up my donation to replace those statues.


These aren’t the only recent incidents of vandalism, they are just some being reported at this time. There are many other incidents. But there are other kinds of incidents in many cities, especially involving attacks on Catholics and Evangelicals in the prolife movement.
It’s easy to “rolleyes” if you aren’t the Christian getting feces thrown at them outside the abortion clinic. It’s hypocritical for churches and religious schools and universities to keep denouncing bigotry, yet remain silent at anti-Catholicism in the media, government, and academia.

In the long run, if Catholics (and evangelicals) can get bashed freely in our society, the whole civil rights movement, everything Martin Luther King fought for, was a waste of time.


I am afraid we will be hearing more and more of this.


Things that I have read indicate that Christianity is the most persecuted religion world-wide.
I don’t think the talking about some of the anti-Christian things that have been happening are examples of a persecution complex, or paranoia.


They aren’t, but some Western liberal secularists will be sure to tell us that Christianity is not being persecuted (several news articles have been published in an attempt to blunt the effect of government trying to tell the Church what to do), but everyone from Muslims to homosexually active GLBTQ persons are, even as the government forces the Church to pay for the promiscuous sex lives of priveleged college students, abortions and has to hire those who live together without marriage, practice homosexuality and/or use IVF.

If Christians are waiting for a change in attitude from these folks like during the American Civil Rights era, peh, it will simply not happen.

The secular left’s bread and butter is perpetual victimhood, and they will certainly not yield that to what they see as some crony religion run by a bunch of old, mostly Caucasian men. And even if they are in the vast majority in numbers and/or support, they won’t pull back. They’ll still find some way of pulling the “poor me” card.


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