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Could anyone point me please to any European catholic dating sites? I tried and , and not only I find those sites problematic: , but it looks that vast majority of people there are from USA or Canada (with just a handful of Europeans).

For example, I would be interested in catholic dating sites which are popular in Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Croatia etc. — my guess is they exist, but have no English versions. No problem with that, just tell me which are the good ones. :slight_smile:

Generic christian dating sites with a significant number of catholics will do, too. Although my experience is that specific questions about the conformance to particular church teachings do a good job, because there are lots of people (catholics and others) who are “affiliated” to their church, but who do not share 100% of its beliefs (which is crazy) (for example: “I am a catholic, but I do not accept catholic teachings on contraception and papal infallibility”; WTF?!?).

Great thanks!

I would love to know about such sites also. I wanted to ask the same question some time ago.

I am European living in Europe and am not aware of any Catholic dating sites in Europe in any European language. I have been married for 18 years so could be out of the loop but I never see them advertised in any Catholic newspapers or magazines and have never heard of one or anyone meeting through one.

I met my fiance on Catholic Match. There are loads of Americans, true, but also plenty of Europeans (we are both European, though not Eatern European), and I found that the “quality” of men made up for the lack of “quantity” compared with other sites - lots of intelligent, civilised, well-educated, faithful, thoughtful chaps on there.

Try FaithfulMatch.

All the best,
Christie G.

Your location says PL, so try (has a rep for weirdos) or (used to be Catholic, now generic with owners having switched to secular values without cancelling endorsements they’d got from Catholic clergy before) or (claims to a Catholic hardliner).

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