European commission president decries attacks on Poles since Brexit vote


**European commission president decries attacks on Poles since Brexit vote

The president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has condemned attacks on Polish people in the UK in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

“We Europeans can never accept Polish workers being beaten up, harassed or even murdered in the streets of Essex,” Juncker said in his annual state of the union address to MEPs in Strasbourg. Five Polish people have been attacked in the Essex town of Harlow since the EU referendum, including one man who died from his injuries.**

As he set out a series of security and economic measures aimed at uniting Europe following the Brexit vote, Juncker urged EU member states to take greater responsibility for explaining the value of the European project.

Declaring that the next 12 months would be crucial for the EU, Juncker said a united Europe could only be built if it were better explained and better understood. He highlighted the referendum as a warning that the EU faces a battle for survival against nationalism.

“The European Union doesn’t have enough union,” he said. “There are splits out there and often fragmentation exists … That is leaving scope for galloping populism.”

Arkadiusz Jóźwik, 40, died after he was beaten up by teenagers in Harlow last month. Essex police said Jóźwik and a second Polish man, who survived, were apparently the victims of an unprovoked attack. The motive is unknown, but one line of inquiry is the possibility of it being a hate crime.


This leader is also requesting funds for a permanent, standing army for EU. Something tells me they will always manage to find “atrocities” in disobedient countries and this will be the justification to send EU’s own troops, to “help” the local situation. Eventually the EU army will be the only military permitted in the EU. They may help in the Brexit re-vote, EU soldiers onsite at the voting booth to point out the positives of EU to the English re-voters. It may take a few re-votes to get a fair outcome.

In other news, the EU noted a study that there has been a 32% drop in English students paying attention during Math class since Brexit. In the light of this new finding, unavailable to the Brexit voters, the EU may invalidate that vote. They also are rolling out their new Common Core curriculum for all schools in Europe. The EU military can help explain the positives of that to the rigid, recalcitrant local school boards.


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