European Parliament blasts religious intolerance in Pakistan [CWN]

Recalling that “it was blasphemy accusations that triggered anti-Christian mob violence in Gojra and Korian in summer 2009, leaving eight dead and at least 100 houses destroyed,” the …


Well it is a start but why do I think the current leadership of the country will not bat an eye? I believe Hillary Clinton even admitted not too long ago that she believed elements very high up in Pakistan’s administration were Taliban supporters.

I believe corruption is quite high among the “democratic forces” in Pakistan and to top it off, all that money from Saudi Arabia keeps on pouring into Pakistan to inculcate Wahhabism into the poor and young children in Pakistan’s madrasahs. I suppose if Saudi Arabia does not practice religious tolerance, the institutions its money goes to will not either. :mad:

I agree, Andrew, that it is probably not going to have an effect in Pakistan, but still…Good for the European Parliament! I hope they persist.
I am glad to see somebody outside of religious circles speak out on this. Now if Obama would do the same … oh,um, not much chance of that.

Save Christians and Pakistan from the blasphemy law

Christians suffer terrible persecution in Pakistan.

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