European/Western civilization is superior to all others


And due to this, it is imperative that we argue this point emphatically. This is not a race issue. The only reason western civilization reached the height it did was due to Europe’s adoption and universal acceptance of Christianity and Catholic way of life for centuries before being fractured in the Protestant revolutions, and the modernist heresies that crept from it. We must stop acting like all cultures are equal. We must only accept as good those cultures and societies which expound upon catholic values and principles and suppress paganism, atheism, and modernism. We cannot sit on the fence of equality, equality has become a false idol.


Know who else says that?



I can list many false idols and pagan religions in this society you cite


Agreed! Our societies are sick and decrepit. We have let too much secularism replace God!

Our societies are a shell of what once made them so great, it is time make God the center of society once again.


So you then agree that your premise

European western civilisation is superior

Is wrong


I’m confused. Are you retracting your claims of European superiority now?


Even the secular culture still embraces much of what the Church teaches, the problem is God is no longer recognized as the source.


You were not arguing secular culture , you were arguing paganism and false idols


I highly encourage everyone to read the book “how the Catholic Church built western civilization” by Thomas woods.


They are one and the same. Politicians, movie stars, wealth, atheism, false religions and heretics are all tolerated in the name of freedom in our society. But true freedom is only found subservience to God.


What is one and the same


Secular culture and paganism and false idols.


No, they’re not. This sounds like a lot of rad-Trad word salad.


People put everything before God. They skip mass because they want to sleep in. The politics of secular democracy have replaced religion. People will argue for Republicans or Democrats far harder than they would ever argue in favor of the gospel.


What does this have to do with European superiority?


No, because current society stands on the shoulders of greater generations, but probably not for much longer before it falls under its own weight because we have removed the foundation. It is still better than the Middle East riddled with heresy, or Asia ate up with pagans. The values of Christianity built our society to what it is, we must return to our faith to maintain it or lose it in a wave of post modernism that will destroy it


I read that book. It helped me come back to the Church. Western Civilization is quite amazing. It has imported it’s technology, religion and culture throughout the world, and the rest of the world laps it up. But it has also overwhelmed and decimated simpler, tribal cultures that just can’t seem to adapt to it and have fallen by the wayside.


I lived in Korea for almost a year. There are plenty of Christians/Catholics in Asia, and the civilizations within that continent are some of the most long-standing in the world.


That’s not a bad thing. That is progress.

The issue, is that we have built a civilization around God, that spurred great feats of art and architects and science, and now God has been removed, and we have created new gods in His place, and we will suffer for it. When even the concept of objective truth is rejected for personal feelings, we are all but lost.


Let me know when they wield the same power and influence as the Church did at its height and shaped an entire continents way of thinking.

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