European/Western civilization is superior to all others


Take a history course dude.

The Catholic Church hasn’t been at the center of European society for centuries, and never in the United States.


You’re finally grasping the point! Keep working at it.


Jesus grew up in Israel and all the apostles weren’t European or western. hmm


But they were born in a Greco-Roman society, which was the precursor to Judeo Christian civilization.


Not really, the Israelis lived very differently from the romans and the greeks. Israelis in Jesus’ time lived more like villagers in iran do today


Ah but that’s where you’re wrong. The hellenized Jews, many of which who became the first converts under St. Paul, were very Greek.


Still, villagers in iran TODAY have more in common with those early Christians than the average American


Jewish society was the precursor to Christian civilization. Are you not aware that the Romans persecuted Christians for three centuries?


What exactly do you think Iran is like?


Yes. They did. And then Christians came to rule Rome. They took the knowledge and philosophy and engineering of Greeks and Romans and used the study of the sciences to better understand Gods creation, which led to the rise of judeo Christian European civilization which then went on to dominate the globe through technological innovation.

And now we’re in decline. Because God and the church are no longer the focus.


Families in the villages are patriarchal, they have a lot of children, and families all live together. Very communal.


You can’t claim that Greco-Roman culture was a precursor to Christendom. They didn’t have that much in common morally or philosophically.


Lol are you telling me Aquinas wasn’t influenced by Aristotle?


Actually, that was the Muslims.


What country are you in


Aquinas lived over a thousand years after Aristotle, and he never would have found out about him if Islamic scholars hadn’t been preserving and interpreting Aristotle’s works for centuries.


Western Civ has a great deal to offer. Nobody should be ashamed of coming from this background.

Other cultures have a great deal to offer, and nobody should be ashamed of their heritage from these civilizations, either.

In my ideal world, we take the best that the world cultures have to offer, and discard the parts that are problematic.


They were born in palestine as Jews in a Hellenistic occupied Israel

Do not forget Jesus born as a Mediterranean Jew.



Or at least, not completely right.

The Irish monks preserved just as much as the Islamic heretics. And there’s a reason the Muslims didn’t do as much with it as Europe did.


You have your Hellenistic and Greco Roman cultures a little mixed up with who Jesus ministered to and what the climate was like at the time

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