Europe's Big Freeze

The “Gore Effect” Strikes again! It seems like very time Al Gore goes to a headline making Global Warming policy gathering, arctic weather shows up shortly thereafter to mock him!

I have a proposal. Let’s have a Global Warming convention at the upwind foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Another one aboard an icebreaker near the receding Antarctic ice shelfs. Heck, anytime there is drought and killing heat waves, let’s just invite Al to speak! Seems to work like a charm…:smiley:

HUH. You noticed that too! For him, it’s an “Inconvenient Truth” :slight_smile:

Apparently he has spent a lot of time in Europe lately! And Asia, and Africa, and North America. Lots of anti AGW events occurring! :thumbsup:

Sigh weather is not climate. You can still get snow with global warming. And in fact I think increased precipitation events are one of the predictions.


It was delightfully appropriate that, as large parts of Argentina were swept by severe blizzards last week, on a scale never experienced before, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, should have enjoyed the coolest July 21 in its history, breaking a record established in 1877. Appropriate, because Nashville is the home of Al Gore, the man who for 20 years has been predicting that we should all by now be in the grip of runaway global warming.
His predictions have proved so wildly wrong – along with those of the Met Office’s £33 million computer model which forecast that we should now be enjoying a “barbecue summer” and that 2009 would be one of “the five warmest years ever” – that the propaganda machine has had to work overtime to maintain what is threatening to become the most expensive fiction in history.

The two official sources of satellite data on global temperatures, for instance, lately announced that June temperatures had again fallen, to their average level for the month over the 30 years since satellite data began. By contrast, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, run by Mr Gore’s closest ally and scientific adviser, James Hansen – one of the two official sources of global temperature data from surface weather stations – announced that in that single month the world had warmed by a staggering 0.63 degrees C, more than its net warming for the entire 20th century.
In the past few years, Dr Hansen’s temperature record has become ever more eccentric, often wildly at odds with the other three officially recognised data sources, all of which showed a dramatic drop in temperatures in 2007 leading to markedly cooler summers and two of the coldest and snowiest winters the world has known for decades. All this has equally made nonsense of the predictions of the computer models that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change relies on, which are programmed to assume that temperatures should soar in line with rising levels of greenhouse gases.

And that was in July…

Hi Calliso, you are absolutely right. But why have we heard little in the media about southern hemisphere’s last winter. Our summer. Where it snowed in places it hasn’t snow in a century. And now this winter. I completely agree with you, BUT think of the headlines when we have a hot week or two in U.S. in the summer. AGCC proponents jump on that.

God bless

The real “inconvenient truth” is that there has been no planetary warming since about 1990 or so—which is why they’ve all been trying so hard to cover it up.

That’s correct. It just doesn’t follow increased CO2 emissions. You might want to check out

There is lots of stuff there that AGW proponents don’t want getting out to the public.


Umm huh?

Here’s another link Al G. wouldn’t like. It’s just over an hour long but does show that

  1. CO2 has no effect on climate, and

  2. Sunspot activity has.

Here’s the link

This was interesting

Dec 19, 2009
Video: McIntyre-McKittrick on Fox News Global Warming Special - Mann chickens out
By Anthony Watts
All six parts of the hour-long special aired during prime time Sunday night on Fox News featuring Steve McIntyre and Ross McKittrick are now online below. Both Phil Jones and Michael Mann ducked requests for interviews. I can perhaps understand Jones’ situation, since he has not been giving other interviews, but in Mann’s case he’s been on a media blitz writing op-eds for the Washington Post and giving interviews to dozens more. His bias, (or perhaps cowardice) is showing. If his work is so “robust”, why not defend himself in this venue?

Thanks for the link

From the article linked;

This lecture by Jasper Kirkby reviews the recent research that physicists have been conducting into climate change. Physicists have discovered that changes in the rate of cosmic ray inflow cause climate change and that solar activity shields the earth from cosmic rays. They haven’t completely worked out the mechanism yet, but they think it has to do with cosmic rays causing cloud formation and clouds reflecting sunlight back into space.

I think you’re being a bit presumptious. I lifted the following paragraph from another web site. Howver it’s been noted for a while that the Gulf Stream is slowing down. Since this is the main reason the UK is generally warner than it’s European lateral counterparts, and since the Gulf Stream also flows past the US, I wonder what effect this is having. While there may be overall “warming”, the UK at least would begin to experience much colder weather.

"Gulf Stream Mysteriously Slowed

Now a new report has identified the two major factors behind the high sea levels—a weakened Gulf Stream and steady winds from the northeastern Atlantic.
The Gulf Stream is a northward-flowing superhighway of ocean water off the U.S. East Coast. Running at full steam, the powerful current pulls water into its “orbit” and away from the East Coast.
But this summer, for reasons unknown, “the Gulf Stream slowed down,” Edwing said, sending water toward the coasts—and sea levels shooting upward.
Adding to the sustained surge, autumn winds from the northeastern Atlantic arrived a few months early, pushing even more water coastward. "

“For reasons unknown”, eh? What was it they said? If the Gulf Stream shuts down, we’ll crash into an ice age?

I betcha if Washington, DC was buried under three miles of ice, Gore and Obama would still be claiming “global warming”.


Could you please post a link to this.
It’s gotten so I have source every source.

Thank you

And how did he get there? By private jet like normal?

The particular quote came from a blog.

But there are more professional sites eg.

Then go to the section “Are worrisome signals developing in the ocean?”

Global warming skeptics change their position on global warming.
For example, Ronald Bailey, author of Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths (published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2002), stated in 2005, “Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up”.

The additional fresh water by the way which is contributing to this slowdown of the Gulf Stream is coming basically from melting ice. Global warming is a fact.

I personally believe there are two causes - one is our own incredibly wasteful use of fossil fuels. For example during the Falklands War, much ado was made about the fact that a single British Vulcan bomber flew all the way from an African base and dropped a couple of runway busters on the Argentine airfield to avoid it being used.

What wasn’t widely advertised was that the bomber had to be refuelled 11 times in flight by aerial tankers.

I wonder how much fuel was used for that single bombing raid by just one aircraft?

I think God is also adding something to the judgement and is doing something to the sun. Someone pointed out that the ice caps on Mars are melting, despite the sun being very quiet as far as sunspot activity is concerned.

When I consider that Mary is almost certainly the portent in the heavens in Revelation 12, and she’s been turning up with clockwork regularity over the last century and a half, then I also think we’re moving towards a situation where men are going to curse God for the burning sun.

For example, her warning at Akita around 1973, which is officially approved by the Church, contained the words, “You have no idea what is being prepared for you if you do not change”.

Well, we haven’t changed much. If anything we’ve gotten worse.

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