Europe's Most Dangerous Supervolcano Is Reawakening Just In Time For Christmas



Europe’s Most Dangerous Supervolcano Is Reawakening Just In Time For Christmas

Just below millions of people there is a supervolcano that has begun to show signs of reawakening. The supervolcano, Campi Flegrei, is 8 miles wide and sits beneath the Bay of Naples offshore Italy. Recent monitoring of the volcano points to a reawakening of one of the largest volcanos in Europe. An international team of geoscientists have monitored the volcano’s caldera for signs of activity and recently published results in the journal Nature Communications on the increased danger of an eruption.

Campi Flegrei, which means “burning fields” in Italian, is believed to have formed hundreds of thousands of years ago and has erupted on several occasions in recent geologic time. The initial eruption, which occurred 200,000 years ago triggered a “volcanic winter” from the massive amount of ash ejected into the atmosphere. The volcano then erupted again 40,000 and 12,000 years ago. The eruption 40,000 years ago is thought to have wiped out most of the European Neanderthals and was one of the largest volcanic eruptions of all time. In recent memory, Campi Flegrei erupted in 1538 for 8 days straight, sending ash across Europe and forming the new mountain Monte Nuovo.

I suppose that’s one way to deal with one global warming.


I wonder how many people are freaking out now because San Genarro’s blood failed to liquify…


Yellowstone is a supervolcano…Vesuvius is just an incovieniently located one! Still dangerous though. Praying it calms down.


Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.


Everything I’ve ever read about Pompeii says that it WILL happen again!


Ciao, Italia




Relax and enjoy the next 48 hours.
This article was submitted way back in March, it is not peer reviewed as it is a communication, it proposes a model that is a hypothesis, as yet to be tested.

There is nothing solid in it stating the activity of that volcano is about to provide Nativity fireworks.

I would be questioning the sensationalism of your intro. But scientists do need funding for research :innocent::volcano:


I was just in Italy in September and Vesuvius looks amazing. No smoke at that time. I stayed in Massa Lubrense and Vesuvius was the first thing I saw each morning. I agree Vesuvius and the burning fields are pinching Naples not in a good way.


Was literally just thinking about that lol


This is probably a silly question but can I ask why everyone is talking about Mount Vesuvius? Aren’t Campi Flegrei & Mount Vesuvius two different volcanoes?

I thought Campi Flegrei is indeed a supervolcano & is located opposite Mount Vesuvius on the other side of the Bay of Naples? As far as I’m aware it also had nothing to do with Pompei either unless I’m mistaken?


I was confused about this too. I am glad you asked!


I’ve often wondered about the evacuation plans for a Campi Flegrei event. With Vesuvius, there are plans for inhabitants of the ‘red zone’ municipalities to be evacuated and distributed around the regions of Italy - the people of the Pompei area, for example, go to the Riviera (Liguria).

The thing is that Scampia and the area around are not in the ‘red zone’. Why does this matter? The answer is Camorra, it’s the stronghold of the Campania version of the Mafia. Meanwhile, if the Campi start misbehaving, somebody gets the Camorra.


Volcanoes of Italy , with maps. :slight_smile:


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