Eurovision 2010

Its that time of year again … time for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), now in its 55th year and this year from Oslo, Norway.

For the uninitiated, the ESC is a bit like American Idol. Countries in the European Broadcasting Union enter songs and singers in competitions at a country level and then have finals for all of Europe. Winners that you will know of include ABBA who won with Waterloo back in the 70s, and Dana, who is a devout Catholic and had a show on EWTN, as well as Croatian singer Tajci, who now tours the USA singing in Catholic concerts.

So – the competition is this Saturday the 29th. I guess this is mostly toward people in Europe. Who do you favour this year?

I like:

Albania: Juliana Pasha-It’s All About You
Turkey: maNga-We Could Be the Same
United Kingdom: Josh Dubovie-That Sounds Good to Me
Germany: Lena-Satellite

I think Albania could be the winner.

God bless


There are few more terrifying European institutions. :eek:

Germany to win!

Was it last year that had the Greek contestant singing on top of a giant stapler?

Congrats PrayerShark! Germany’s song was a goodie. Glad they won

Too bad about the UK. There were far worse songs than its entry.

Didn’t get to see Greece’s entry in 2009. I do recall the one year they all looked like the Borg from Star Trek, and sang(?) that awful song S.A.G.A.P.O.

God bless



Many a true word spoken in jest :smiley:

I lost 2 Great British pound coins last night :rolleyes:

I fancied Germany but one of the others in our little Eurovision popcorn party had it picked, so I had to settle for Iceland :frowning:

Winner walked away with TWELVE pounds (£12). :eek:

I was going to say not a bad evenings work, but it breaks down to enduring the Eurovison at a rate of about £4 an hour!!!

So maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

Liked the Turkish entry best:)

Always a fan of the Irish :wink:

I was sad that the Lithuanians (I think - they were the boys in the spangly shorts) didn’t go through to the final - they had a really fun act and played a style of music that I like.

Also loved Alyosha the Ukrainian girl. Lena was good though, obviously popular with the teen demographic that tends to vote in these things.

My daughter discovered Alexander Rybak last year and got his CD. I too now love his music, very talented! Anyone else here like his music?

Lena rocked my socks off. :smiley: It’s a very catchy song and it wasn’t about a peach stone. The Armenians apparently spent a lot of money on their entry. :rolleyes:

Turkey was my second favourite. Lithuania should have gone through though, but then again the voting is political.

I wonder if Leo Sayer knows he has a Spanish relative.


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