Eutener: Abortion is anti-"sacrament", can apply to False Prophet

I thought this was interesting: Father Eutener’s main message recently spoke of how some witches consider abortion a “sacrament.” Well, once again, I just love it when ECF ideology comes to the forefront. I read that JPII unearthed that Tertullian taught the devil plagairizes the sacraments, like takes em and twists them into evil counterparts.

For me, this only serves to reinforce my speculation that in the ultimate sense, the “false prophet” in the apocalypse is a theological metaphor for the ultimate plagairization of God’s goodness. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this Christian world is filled with stupidity. The Fundamentalist futurists think the false prophet is exclusively the “big literal guy” at the end of the world who will, supposedly, herald the coming of the literal big guy antichrist. And of course, the typical liberals, including most modern and even otherwise orthodox Catholics, just wave their hands and say, well the false prophet was “nothing more” than the pagan Roman priests who literally encouraged emperor worship. Now is it possible there are deeper layers than these typical extremes?

Has God given us garbage or has He given us meaning? So then, why wouldn’t the false prophet be an image of the ultimate mystical anti-sacramentality, the spiritual embodiment of the essence of the dragon’s lies back in Genesis.

for again, it seems an intrinsically predestined and necessary thing that heretics must lose, ipso facto, five sacraments, and retain only two, Baptism and Marriage, and if we theologically analyze the allegorical statements of the serpent in Genesis, they very much correlate well with what can truly be called the total antithesis of the remaining sacraments in heresy.

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