Euthanasia Bill defeated in Australian Parliament

A parliament that not so long ago legalised Abortion and Gay rights to adopt children is finally starting to come to its senses.

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Doctors Euthanize all the time. An extra dose of morphine does the trick.

This will not change, regardless of the law. It is simply allowing nature to take it’s course, instead of falsely keeping some-one alive, becuase some clever human tool-makers found out a way to keep a person breathing, when life has already said goodbye.

I heard that it has also been defeated in Canada. I wonder how long that will last however.

Albania, Belgium, Germany (as of 25 June 2010), Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States all have laws (with restrictions) making passive euthanasia legal. Some of the above however also have laws that make active euthanasia legal. One example is Switzerland:
In Switzerland deadly drugs may be given as long as the patient can actively participate in taking them. The Swiss penal code only sees assisted suicide as a crime when there are selfish motives.

So what is the point of any law as there are always going to be those that disobey them?

To punish the ones who do if they are being caught… Just because shop-lifting and pickpocketing is running rampant and many do it without getting caught (especially in places like the subway in Rome), doesn’t mean that it should be made legal. It just means to take greater care and to try and catch the perpetrators…

This is indeed good news! And I see such welcome tidings arrive to mark your first year on CAF! Well done, sir!
God Bless,

Please note that it was the Green Party representative who proposed this legislation, and that this was the Western Australian Parliament, one state, not all of Australia.

At the Federal level, Australian Greens leader Bob Brown says restoring the rights of territory governments to introduce euthanasia is his top priority, said a separate AAP report, and Ms Gillard has promised Labor MPs a conscience vote.

The Greens are anti-human life. Any other life is good. We are bad and any way to remove us from the planet is good. Birth control, abortion, euthanasia… Old and disabled people are being encouraged to view themselves as worse than useless burdens who should remove themselves ‘for the rest of us’.

The bill would have allowed people over the age of 21 with a terminal illness and who were sound of mind to ask a doctor to end their life.

They are covering their true disgust at children, old and disabled people with a ploy about not allowing them to suffer. Abort the disabled before they have a chance to suffer, encourage them to kill themselves if they survived to be born. The truth is that they just don’t want them around.

What happened to disabled or terminally ill people have dignity and worth?

My BIL had Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He lived a lot longer than expected, surviving til just before his 22nd birthday. He was in a wheelchair by age 7 cause he could no longer walk. There was nothing wrong with his mind, so he was aware of everything happening to his body, suffering, mentally and physically every day, every hour, every minute of his life. Was his life not worth living, then? Should they have given him a lethal injection when he was diagnosed to ‘save’ him? He’d never amount to anything, accomplish anything, due to his disability. They usually die by 16. Yet, he touched more lives than I could believe, never leaving his front room. His witness was part of what brought me to the Church.

When I first met him, he was bitter and angry about it. He was very difficult to be around. You tried to be compassionate, but he was unpleasant in the extreme. Then, he went to Lourdes. He didn’t want to go. His mom sent him. He complained and cursed the whole time, especially when they lowered him into the pool.

The change wasn’t immediate, but it seemed so for me. I hadn’t seen him for a few years after he went to Lourdes. The change was dramatic. He was no longer bitter or angry. He was no longer foul-mouthed. He was pleasant to be around and he developed a wisdom far beyond his years or experience.

He had worth, great worth. I am so glad to have known him, even if he wasn’t with us for very long.

God doesn’t make mistakes. If they are alive, God has a purpose for them, even if we are unable to discern it.

Hi Linda Marie,
Thank you for your beautiful and very moving post.
May God Bless you,

I realize that. My point is that people breack the Law all the time, that does not mean we do away with the Law. As Dameedna was saying it is done al the time so why make it illeagal.

Hi oneGod…,
The poster you cite (Dameedna) happens to be an agnostic atheist. It suits his viewpoint to attack a law that happens to have a semblance of religious conscience built into it’s wording.
If the message, via law, gets through to more and more people how utterly loveless euthanasia is, then maybe it will deter more of those Swiss “doctor deaths” from popping up to ply their vile trade.
God Bless,

Thank you colmcille. I can’t believe one year has passed already.

I think the parliaments in Australia are starting to be a bit more careful about what they vote. The Catholic vote of the people at elections is sarting to make a difference and they seemingly are very surprised.

Yes, I was hoping to get him to respond and show how he can support any law based on his statment that people do it anyway so why make it illegal.

Hi oneGod,
I see what you mean. I misunderstood your line of argument on that. Apologies.
To date, he has not responded. I think his stance is indefensible.
God Bless,

Hi comcille,

Apology accepted. I really was not expecting a reply from him, as it is as you said indefensible, I just pray it made him and others think.

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