Euthanasia, our next major battle


In Belgium and Holland, it seems that euthanasia is as routine and commonplace as abortion (sadly) has become in the rest of the Western world. It seems like adults can request it almost as routine. A sex change that resulted in unhappiness, or because of becoming blind, or anything it seems that can be shown to be causing a person ‘unbearable psychological suffering’ (how do you define unbearable?) There is no need to be terminally ill in Belgium before you can request that a doctor administers a lethal injection to you.

Now they plan to extend euthanasia to include children. And this extension of eythanasia seemed so routine that Belgium’s Health Minister didn’t even bother to turn up for the debate and vote in the Belgian Parliament on this.

At least children, unlike adults, will have to be terminally ill before they can be killed, but for how long? How long before parents will have the right to choose to have a child with cerebral palsy killed, a Down syndrome child etc. Is this just a logical extension from abortion before birth to abortion after birth?

Sadly I suspect that, after Belgium and Holland, the Scandanavian countries will follow, then Germany, then France and Britain, then the rest of Europe and America.


It is really sad. We have come to the point where life holds no intrinsic value to many people. Abortion, euthanasia, etc. all say my happiness is the only thing of value and if my life isn’t happy then it has no meaning. I often suspect that the secularisation of the world is what causes this. Without God one can easily lose the inner joy of simply being alive.


I have no doubt that it the secularisation of the world that has caused this. Man has now become his own god, he is the centre of all things, he should have complete power over his own life, his life is his own property to do with as he wills. His ego, material happiness, and personal satisfaction are what matters in his life.


Please don’t understand me in the wrong way. I know that the following isn’t your opinion.

But the statement that at least children have to to be terminally ill indicates that one could rather let ill people die than others.

Saying that we begin to compare worth between indivual lifes. We should avoid such expressions since it opens the door to euthanasia. We don’t have the right to assess lifes.

I can’t imagine the harm which Belgium has to suffer now. Will there be pressure on parents which won’t be willing to let their ill children die? How will the soul of Belgium change?

It is actually a splitted country between the three languages and cultures in it. Is Belgium doing away with itself?

Edit - Appendix: I found an interesting blog

The author asks "Would Britain tolerate putting 8,000 people to death each year? ". The article contains some facts about some European countries.


No, I stand by that statement for the following reason. The fact that it is restricted to terminally ill children means that at least there will be some children who will be spared who could otherwise be killed. This is not comparing individual lives, this is recognising that at least all children cannot be eligible to killed under this evil legislation. This is not comparing the worth of lives. It’s a bit like abortion, would you rather the abortion limit was 12 weeks or 24 weeks? Is trying to lobby for a government to lower the abortion limit comparing the worth of lives? Yes we would rather abortion was illegal, but the fact is that it is not, just like euthanasia in Belgium is not illegal. In fact in Belgium, euthanasia pretty much exists on demand for adults (a bit like abortion in the UK) and the population are quite blase about it (a bit like abortion in the UK).

So being thankful that at least some children were spared from being eligible for abortion, is not saying that their lives are more valuable than the poor, unfortunate children who now will be eligible to be killed. Would you rather it was equitable, and all children were eligible?

Here’s another good article from a priest I know.


This just sickens me,I pray that God will have mercy on our broken world,heal us of all the evil that pervades our society…:frowning:


People who wish to end their own lives will always find a way, even my quadriplegic friend was able to find a way. There is no reason to support legalizing and enshrining suicide as a valid choice. People who would have otherwise found a reason to live will end up choosing death if it is and easy and accepted practice.


Well stated.


At what age will terminally ill children now be safe to live what time they have left in peace? How many will be talked into taking the “cure” or told how much better off they’d be dead? Just supposed you’re 15 or so and you have leukemia and you’ve been battling it for 5 years already but when in remission you enjoy what quality of life you have and then BAM! you can be asked if you’d like to stop fighting and your words may be twisted to kill you. Medicine? The field fo Medicine is anything but medicinal under such circumstances.

And how broad a category is terminally ill going to be expanded to? Some illnesses if left untreated for a long enough time are terminal, but if caught early and treated are curable. Who is going to decide once the child gets diagnosed with any illness that can cause death if they will still be treated? Or will they be sat down and told that instead of fighting any illness that has a probability of death that killing the child is now an acceptable option? And then there’s this: it really doesn’t take much to fool a child because of their innocent trust of most people, how is it that they get to “decide” if they want to suffer any more?

How much of this decision is pure economics? Probably a bit more than they’d acknowledge or admit. How can such things get reversed?



Ego: Edging God Out.
I agree,the main source of our societal ills…


On the one hand I can well understand what you think - and I want to agree with you. Every life that can be rescued is important.

On the other hand we could suggest to the other party that under certain circumstances euthanasia seems acceptable to us. A responsible christian politician can’t have accepted the new euthanasia law with the hope to rescue some of the stronger children.

It’s a real dilemma. :mad:

Here’s another good article from a priest I know.

Thank you for this article of Fr Alexander. He emphasizes that it’s nearly impossible to make pure rational decisions in life (despite the fact that we often feel free in our decisions). How can a choice between life or death be rational?!


It is worth remembering too that Assisted Suicide is legal in Switzerland and four US states already.


I agree, however, it will be only a matter of time when that restriction is also removed. I remember when abortion was first legalized, it was only for the first trimester. Now we are sucking the brains out of healthy, full term newborn babies in the horror that is called "partial birth abortion. Once the door is cracked open, it only opens wider. :sad_yes: God save us!


This is taking Euthanasia to a whole new level; it’s only a matter of time before such things as child euthanasia will be available in North America and the rest of Europe. Killing the unborn in the womb isn’t enough, apparently. Who in the world comes up with these ideas? One more reason I put no faith or trust in politicians or extreme liberals. Even worse, I can’t believe some of the comments in these articles.

Here’s one comment I read that sings proudly of what I’m speaking about:

"It would be incredibly selfish of any parent to deny the choice of a child who understands the hopelessness of their situation and wishes to depart this world to end pain and suffering.

For those who object on religious ground, we have been granted the ability to choose. Everybody who is capable of making the choice should be allowed that option. It is abhorrent to think that we should not be allowed to make it."

Always comes down to “choice” it seems. Is it normal for a young child to want to commit suicide or die? Shouldn’t we be helping them instead? How is carting anyone off to the doctor’s office to be euthanized a “good” solution? Are we just going to let all the thousands of other people who suffer from depression or “debilitating” diseases be denied help and sent to be “euthanized” instead?

The world is only interested in sweeping the problems under the rug instead of addressing the core issue at hand. In the end, this is still murder.


Unfortunately you will probably be right on that. However the longer it can be delayed, the more children will be spared.

It could end up with people being able to be legally killed from conception through childhood, adulthood and old age. The ‘right to choose’ extended for all, at any stage of life.

Secular culture is a culture of death. As a Church, we really need to stand firm against it, and not bend or compromise to meet secular culture.


And they are trying to get it passed here too.:mad:


I have red the Thelegraph piece linked to in one of the previous posts, as well as some of the comments. What is really interesting (and quite disturbing!) is that many people feel they have a right to euthanasia and that the state has an obligation to provide it. They see it as just another service essential to civilized life that is based on personal choice. People have completely embraced the idea that the state has absolute power over its citizens. One has always been free to commit suicide, but now-a-days this choice must be supported by society and the state apparatus.


It really is a sad indictment of how low society has sunk to, that the state is now seen as having a duty to kill people if they no longer want to live, and has a duty to kill people’s children. Will the state start compelling people who work in healthcare to kill people because it is their ‘legal right’ to be killed? Will working in healthcare mean you have a duty to kill your fellow man if the state compels you to do so?

And with all this, there are still bishops and priests who look to adapt ourselves towards secular culture in order to reach out. Secular culture is like a seductive form of deadly illness or addiction. Its false sense of equality and diversity pulls people in, it’s hedonism pulls in, it’s apparent support for individualism and individual freedom pulls people in, its apparent compatibility with free market economics pulls people in. It appears to have something for everybody, whether you are individualistic, community-minded, hedonistic, altruistic, or anything else. But underpinning it all is a sickness, a culture of death and decay.

Either secular culture is of satan, or he has taken it and corrupted it in order to snare souls. Probably the later. Either way we should not bend to accommodate it, not at all.


We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. More than ever, I see this as a personal challenge to love those I come into contact with.


I lived in the UK for many years and am familiar with the relationship between the church and the state. What I could never understand is this stubborn refusal to admit that our faith has become completely incompatible with the modern secular culture in the UK, and that the relationship is likely to deteriorate. This willingness to insist on ‘reaching out’ and dealing with secularism in a civilised way is just madness to me. I don’t know what it will take for them to wake up and see reality for what it is.

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