Euthanasia -- support growing


Zenit reports on 1/7/06 that there is a legal trend of leniency towards those assisting individuals with suicide.

The late Bishop of Saginaw Kenneth Untener passed away almost two years ago from a well-publicized attack of cancer. He had a rare form that causes the body to stop producing red blood cells.

Then, almost one year after his death, it was reported that there has been a breakthrough in treating that form of cancer (doctors say that cancer is really thousands of diseases). A drug was proven highly effective in putting that disease into remission in a large percentage of its victims.

I worked in a nursing home for a period of time, and I have seen people slowing dying of various diseases. That experience, plus illnesses and deaths in my own family have brought the problem to me, up close.

Still, I think we should pray for those afflicted with these fatal illnesses and pray and even give money towards research in their cures.


I agree.

and since you bring him up, here is what the late bishop wrote about assisted suicide (warning…nothing heretical here)

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