Evacuations begin in Texas ahead of Hurricane Ike

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Well Ike is here. The winds are picking up. We have already had a few short power outages so i have a feeling we are going to lose power at some point and for a long time. Just keep all of us residents in your prayers. We are going to need them tonight.

We are praying

I pray that people are safe there.

I also hope that people who choose to remain against official advice (and common sense) don’t get annoyed when they cannot be helped immediately after the storm. There was a report on TV just now that said over 30,000 will most likely need rescuing because they refused to leave.

As I said, I pray that the losses will be minimal.

On TV last night I saw a bunch of jerks who were “riding out” the storm at a bar in Galveston – I don’t know if they were expecting somebody to come rescue them when Ike really hit.
Otoh, I heard a lady on the radio say she started to pray for Ike not to hit near her home but realised that was like praying for it to hit someone else, so she just prayed for everyone to make it thru safe. God love her, He must get tired of the “Keep me & mine safe, Amen.” type prayers.

FYI - I just heard our mayor who stated that we dodged a bullet in our area. Not that it wasn’t pretty bad, but he said that after surveying 40% of the city he only found 16 homes with significant damage. I hope to find out tomorrow the status of my home. in the mean time, at least we are all safe.

FYI - I just had a call from a co-worker who had a chance to drive and check out his house. I came through with nothing but one fence down. As a bonus, when he drove up, the motion light came one. I will be one of the few with electricity Yahoo!.

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[/FONT]Race against time to save trapped…** **

We made it to!!! Church was funny this morning because all the other churches had cancelled services but not us catholics. Full set of masses all day! Wooah!! We had power yesterday but lost it this morning at 5am but just got it back about 30 mintues ago. Hopeful it wil be on for good. We are hoping that our beach house made it through but it will be days before we find out.

As for why people didn’t leave Galveston i can understand why. The Rita evacation was horrible. More people died from the evacation then from the hurricane. With that said the roads were clear all the way this time so it shouldn’t have been an excuse. This storm clearly was not turning anywhere. It was irresponsible for them to stay and i can’t believe they still want to stay on the island after the storm. It is not liveable and won’t be for quite some time. MY prayers are with them and we are waiting for word on what we here in the city can do for our neighbors to help them.

Glad to heap everybody else coming through. I still can’t believe I have power. The mayor had sad 95% was out of power, yet I have power, phone, internet and water. To add icing on the top, the Church is also on of the few places with power.

Just now getting access to a computer at work. We are still without power at home, but everyone is safe and the house wasn’t damaged. I had a large pine tree in my front yard fall on my neighbor’s house and cars and I lost my fences, but no other damage.

It would be nice to get power back or to be able to get some ice, but other than that we are in pretty good shape.



I was totally blessed to have no serious damage, except trees [FONT=Arial]and fences. I was going to try and post pictures if I can ever set it up right.[/FONT]

I have been impressed by several agencies and how well they responded. Locally the police and fire really performed above and beyond. The Houston mayor Bill White and the Harris county judge really were on top of things. There was some criticism of the State’s response in Houston, but quite frankly I think they made the right call re-directing their resources to the resource poor, and harder hit areas of Bolivar, Galveston and Crystal Beach. The only people we had here other than a few national guardsmen were local responders. All the better to help those that need it more.

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