Evan Almighty

Is anyone planning on seeing this? Its the sequel to Bruce Almighty where God has Evan build an ark because Evan prayed that God would help him change the world and he actually ends up growing beard and the animals follow him and all. I saw that on the previews. What do you all think? I thought it looked pretty good from the previews and its only rated PG I think.

Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty are produced by an evangelical Christian (Protestant).

I know that many find his levity irreverent and believe that there is no redeeming value in this kind of movie.

I disagree.

The producer was interviewed and said that this is the kind of movie that is meant to nudge people towards thinking about Christianity. A lot of Hollywood people, people “in the business” and fans have no clue about Jesus. They believe in everything and everyone but Jesus. Look at Tom Cruise.

To me, this brave producer is following the advice of St. Paul to be all things to all people to win them to the Lord. He is also following the advice of Jesus to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” And he is following the example of Jesus who talked to the Samaritan woman in terms that she could relate to.

When Paul spoke to the assembly on Mars Hill, he used an illustration of “the unknown god” that these people understood. I’m sure that there were some Christians who said, “How DARE you equate Jesus with some Greek denizen?!”

But it worked, didn’t it? People believed because Paul came to them with an illustration that they understood.

That’s what this producer is doing with these movies–he is approaching an unbelieving world on their own territory, using their own culture to describe Jesus to them, rather than expecting them to understand traditional Christianity.

He’s “fishing for men,” again, another example of using everyday human things to teach people about the sublime. It does not insult Jesus to talk about “fishing” for “men.” We all know that men are not fish. It’s an illustration meant to appeal to fishermen, and it worked. First Pope-Fisherman Peter.

The producer is throwing out a lifeline–that’s all it is, a lifeline, not a catechism or a Bible or a Church–just a lifeline. The lifeline is not the boat. It’s a lifeline.

If someone grabs that lifeline, they will be pulled into a boat where they will have the opportunity to discover that there is a Way and Truth and Life named Jesus.

I would recommend that Christians who don’t mind levity see the movie with non-saved friends, and use it as a “discussion” starter. Assume that they’ve grabbed the lifeline and pull them into the boat.

Very good points. I agree. I’m hoping to go see it soon. It looks better than Bruce Almight did actually.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to see this one or not yet. I think there is a fine line with this type of humor.

I have seen Bruce Almighty. While there were some (well only one I can think of right now) objectionable scenes, I thought over all it was well done. There were some really good lines in the movie that seemed to be there just to make people think. Was a really good one about free will. I don’t remember it coping out at the end like so many of those types of movies (Bedazzled) do now.

Odds are we will catch it on DVD.

:thumbsup: I couldn’t have said it better my self. :thumbsup:

Didn’t care for “Bruce Almighty”, but I love Steve Carell. Therefore, I’m seeing this. Him as a guy who’s realizing he has to be Noah is comedy gold.

They need to make a sequel to “Anchorman” all about Brick Tamblyn. I think it’d be another awesome Steve Carell movie; anyone else agree?

Alllllll-righty then.

I want to see this. I had been skeptical about Bruce Almighty–I thought it would be just another anti-Christian movie, but I loved it! I really enjoy Steve Carrell, so I’m definitely going to see this movie.

we have a pizza and a movie night several times a year for youth group, and try to choose PG movies with thought-provoking content, and of all, Bruce Almighty has been the one that generated the most discussion, the most questions, and the most enthusiasm, and the one that got the most follow up in CCD classes. Very effective in all those ways. Other movies that worked well are Napoleon Dynamite and Simon Birch, and Oh God (they hugely enjoyed the 70s look of John Denver) but Bruce Almighty was the tops. The kids even picked up the premarital sex, and decided on their own that a huge reason the relationship broke down was that by moving in together the put sex in the wrong place in their relationship, and avoided true intimacy. We had a weeks-long discussion on true intimacy, and why the girl was right to expect marriage, and what had to change before they had a chance for a successful marriage.

I love Steve Carrell too and I’ll probably go see this one.

I cannot see this movie. Steve Carrell has been in movies that are unGodly, and it appears that his “popularity” is based not on irreverence or levity, but on profanity. I watched the “40 Year Old Virgin.” Terrible. No redeeming qualities.

God bless,

I agree with the peron that said they hesitated seeing Bruce almighty. I almost didn’t see it because the thought it would be making fun of christianity, but I was truely surprised after I watched it. It was just the opposite.
I can’t wait for this new one because I think Steve Carral is truely one of the funniest actors right now. I love the part on the preview where he screams “SHEEEEP”. His scream is one of a kind.

I can’t wait to see it.

I also like the sheep part.:smiley:

Looking forward to seeing it!!! Looks hysterical…love the commercial when her says he is gonna be pissed if it doesn’t rain!!!

Promoting “God” isn’t the same thing as promoting Jesus, or His Church.

Freemasonry, Talmudism, and Protestantism all promote “God”.

Should Catholics support all of their endeavors? Of course not.

I remember when I saw the previews for “Bruce Almighty” I thought it would be another irrevrent movie rather mocking religeous faith. So I didn’t want to see it.
Then I read a good review of it on Michael Medved.So I rented and watched it. I really liked it. True- there were a few “objectional” scenes, but it had a really good message.
Bruce thinks he can do a better job at running the universe than
God- but uses his new-found power only for selfish ends at first.
But he also discovers that you can’t mess with free will without disasterous results.

Is it too much to expect just a little precipitation?

Ed, I actually thought 40 year old virgin had redeeming qualities. Sure, it was lewd and crude, but the overall message was that waiting until you were married was a GOOD thing. And, sometimes, you need to reach people at their level.

My brother also mentioned that. He said it showed that the guys that were living a ‘loose’ lifestyle were really not very happy.

You’re kidding, right? The way to reach people is lewd and crude? I do understand you but I don’t recall Jesus being lewd and crude when he dealt with the people around Him. I want to be Christ-like as best as I can. This particular actor is associating himself with some pretty vile stuff. In something else he did, he tells a woman, “There’s a party in my pants.” But he’s just another cog in the media push to make all relationships out to be about sex and not about complete, whole people that respect each other.

There was a time when men and women were portrayed by the media as looking at each other with dignity and respect. And that is what is wrong with the media today. On a TV show, an attractive actress tells her friends: “So I’m a dirty whore? So what?” Consistent, across all media, is the message. It’s OK as long as it does not contain Christian morals.

God bless,

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