Evan Almighty

Well, the producers took a full page ad out in our diocesan newspaper. Maybe it’s worth a look at. We know for sure that God has a sense of humor…just look at all his creations, like the platypus and ourselves! :wink:

Exactly… Of all God’s creations I think you hit on the oddest two!!!

I’ll go out on a limb and say this is someone who hasn’t seen one episode of “The Office”…

Just looking at the promo what struck me was, ahem, doesn’t Scripture say that God will ‘never again’ send a flood to destroy the earth? (Genesis). The rainbow is said to be a sign of His covenant with Noah.

The premise of another ‘flood’ thus contradicts Scripture, doesn’t it?

It thus subtly implies that God can ‘change His mind’. That He isn’t bound to any written word or even tradition. It’s yet another example of modernism that holds that the Bible’s teachings, especially in the Old Testament, aren’t meant to be taken as ‘truth’ but rather as examples or stories that ‘reference’ or imply a truth but are not necessarily true in themselves. Despite the apparent thrust in the movie that that story is not only ‘true’, but so true it is going to be ‘repeated’. . .again, a very confusing and contradictory stance. And that what God says does not necessarily have to be read as being what He really ‘means’. IOW, if the flood “worked” then, and humanity is once again in the same type of impiety etc. as they were in the time of Noah, then God, despite His promise not to flood, can flood again. This also is confusing and contradictory. Apparently, God has no problem (according to the director) of doing a Noah type flood again, because this is a ‘real thing’ according to evangelical Christians, but He does have a problem adhering to His promise that there will never again be another flood to annihilate the earth, because, well hey, a good story is a good story, and making people ‘think’ about Christianity, even if there is a disconnect, even if the message is distorted, is the REAL mission of Christians. . .

That does bother me. Until I actually see the movie itself, I don’t know how this really basic contradiction of Christian teaching is actually going to be played. As I said, it does bother me that in this movie Scripture and tradition are cherry picked for a ‘relevent mesage’ just as in the previous movie of “Bruce Almighty” various actions and scenes which were morally objectionable were presented because, overall, the ‘relevent Christian message’ was more important than presenting the totality and solidarity of Christianity and not just one ‘message’. The comparison with St. Paul fails because Paul was not ‘dumbing down’ his message or trying to change His God into one that the Greeks already had accepted (unknown god); rather, Paul was bringing the Greeks UP from their ‘imperfect knowledge’ of God via the unknown god into teaching them the fullness and completeness of God.

But you must remember that, all things considered, I find movie adaptations (esp. LOTR, Narnia etc.) far inferior to the original books. I suppose that explains why I would rather read the original Bible than check out what Hollywood presents from its pages. . .:smiley:

Catholic Online has had several ads lately for this movie-but, that being said, some of the ads on Catholic Online haven’t been that Catholic lately (the google ads are always perilous…one that keeps popping up is a religious website that claims that the “Second Coming has already happened for millions who got ready for Him”)

But, today I received an email from Catholic Online promoting the movie. I’m a bit more intrigued. I liked Bruce Almighty, despite the at-times-questionable morals (which we have come to tolerate from Hollywood)

After seeing the movie today, I can definitively RECOMMEND this wonderful movie. I’m really surprised it’s getting such bad reviews from critics; I really enjoyed it! It does an even better job at introducing certain theological concepts than Bruce Almighty before it, and even though Steve Carrell’s typical persona isn’t really the star of the show here, the movie is still very entertaining. It doesn’t focus on Carrell being humorous so much as sticking to the concept of obedience/disobiendience to God’s will, which results in humorous anecdotes/reactions from not only Carrell but his other co-stars.

Big :thumbsup: from me! :slight_smile:

BTW, without spoiling too much, I think I can safely say that nothing in the movie contradicts scripture, Tantum ergo.

My hubby just got back with two of our sons that he took to it and they all thought it was funny as ever and really enjoyed it!!

I want to see it:)

Why should Catholics have to tolerate vulgarity? I can’t even write down some of the lines I heard in the 40 Year Old Virgin or describe some of the scenes in my brief (I could only stand a few minutes) viewing of The Office on TV.

I’m telling you, the more you let this sort of thing into your head, the more it’s going to affect you.

God bless,

This movie is offenisve. Extremely offensive. The movie is offensive because it assumes the entire audience is made up of idiots.

Some highlights (lowlights really):

It’s never explained why it was necessary to put all these animals on the ark. The flood is a local flood. If Morgan Freeman wanted Evan to buid the ark to save a bunch people from a dam break (most of whom would not be there to begin with) – ok, whatever, but why was it necessary to transport elephants and alpacas from accross the world? The movie gives us no explanation. The animals are utterly pointless except as a site gag.

When the flood comes it’s not from rain, it’s from a dam breaking. A dam that was built by John Goodman’s charactor’s shady private cronies who “cut corners” on the construction. Everyone in the crowd runs to board the ark. The ark goes surfing through Washington DC and crashes into the Capitol Building. The crashing into the Capitol Building is made extra stupid by the fact that it hits the rotunda right as Goodman is getting ready to take a vote on some villanous bill of his. You see Congress in session while the flooing streets of DC are clearly visible through the windows behind them. Somehow, nobody at the Capitol Building had any idea that DC was undergoing a massive disaster until it was upon them.

A bunch of supernatural stuff keeps happening to Evan which dozens of people witness but he still remains an object of ridicule. This really is one of the most glaring problems with the movie. His beard magically grows back instantly every time he cuts it off. His wife and coworkers know this yet are not amazed and worry about his mental health. Exotic animals show up from all over the world. He builds a huge ark with primitive equipment and with the aid of the animals themselves. Yet everyone, including hs wife, still thinks he’s crazy. No one even shows any surprise about seeing actual miracles right in front of them. No one wonders where the animals are all coming from or why they obey Evan or they can build a boat. All they do is keep mocking Evan. It makes no sense whatsoever. (Keep in mind this movie is not played as a farce which is really the only way this could work.)

This is just some of dumb stuff that happens. And on top of all this the movie is not funny.

Oh, bean sprouts! Steve Carell? Hominy yeah, I’m there. He a hoot and two times a holler. Love the Office. Love Carell. It don’t hurt that he’s cute…even with a well-endowed sniffer…still cute. Did I mention funny?

I love the Office, the whole cast is so funny:D

The movie is not funny? Well, that of course is your opinion… my hubby took two of my sons yesterday and they laughed non stop… so it just depends… you say not funny and they say very funny… :extrahappy:

Would have been nice if you had done this (spoiler alert), since many here haven’t seen the movie and want to.

I got a couple if sentences into it only to realize that you were not talking about the ad but the movie.

It is fine that you didn’t like the movie, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

No kidding, geesh:eek:

We went saw it as a family last night and loved it. Better than I imagined. It was really funny. We were all laughing hysterically. When it was over everyone in theater clapped -I don’t recall that happening at any other movie I’ve attended.
Ammonius Saccus it’s a movie not a documentary. It’ obviously not realistic it’s supposed to be a comedy. I didn’t think the movie was offensive at all.
I think it’s a great family movie and I highly recommend it.

Great movie! Seriously, it is a great family movie with several wonderful messages, including a genuine respect for faith. I highly recommend the movie! I give it: :):):slight_smile:

I think the movie was trashed by critics because it was GOOD to faith and the story of the flood (most critics want to see Bible stories demeaned, not revered). It has many wonderful family messages that help encourage strong and loving family relationships and the story is WAAAY above the typical trash we see in theaters.

Thats what i was telling my mom today. It’s being panned by the critics because of the Christian message (por-christian I should say).

I would like to put our :twocents: in.

we just saw it as a family today and the first part was VERY funny and had me laughing soo hard I thought I would choke. Especially the way God was persistant and kept nudging him back…etc.

BUT THEN it went Flop.

He builds the ark. All the animals come. Big bad boys exposed for what they are. People saved from the impending disaster.

BUT the MESSAGE in the end you get from God is the most important thing, the thing that can change the world is random acts of kindness…or ARK. Huh? Don’t get me wrong…you are supposed to do random acts of kindness BUT there are other things too…like prayer. You do not leave with a sense that there was a real conversion in anyone. They just got closer as a family which is important…
The ending was real disapointing. Rent the DVD don’t waste your money at the theatre. In my opinion it ain’t worth it :nope:

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