Evan McMullin takes the lead in latest Utah presidential poll


Evan McMullin, the Provo-born independent, has seized his first lead in Utah’s fluid presidential race.

The Emerson College poll, released Wednesday, found McMullin with 31 percent, followed by Republican Donald Trump at 27 percent and Democrat Hillary Clinton at 24 percent.

The last 20 polls conducted in Utah had Trump either ahead or in a tie. In this survey, McMullin’s advantage is at the edge of the 3.9 percent margin of error…

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, R-South Jordan…said McMullin had the “character” to be president, and he likes McMullin’s diverse experience, which includes 10 years with the CIA, a stint with Goldman Sachs and a few years as a Republican policy aide at the U.S. House.

Fillmore believes McMullin is a big upgrade over Trump and Clinton; still, the independent wouldn’t have been his first choice.

“Evan is the beneficiary of very weak competition,” said Fillmore, who supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and businesswoman Carly Fiorina in the Republican primary. “If Evan had been in that process, I still would have been a Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina supporter. But given the state of who his opponents are, Evan clears the bar even though, admittedly, that bar is very low.”…


…“We believe this momentum will spill over into neighboring states both in advance of the election and beyond. We are building a new conservative movement and we believe it begins here.” --Evan McMullin…


Wow. Interesting!




It’s too late now, but God bless him nonetheless.


It’s not too late. Anything can happen over the next few weeks. McMullin could actually be our next president if things fall right in the Electoral College.


Actually, I’m voting for McMullin – he’s on the Colorado ballot.

If the national media would report his lead in Utah, he might make a far bigger showing than anyone would expect in these final week. He was mentioned on National Public Radio a couple/few weeks ago.

I don’t think he could actually win, but maybe it would at least help voters grow a backbone – voting for who they want, instead of out of fear of this or that other guy getting elected.



As much as I would like the possibility, a third party has never won.


Considering he is Mormon and it is Utah I am not shocked.


Just think…

If he does really well, he could lock up the presidency for Clinton and secure a Supreme court that will knock down every pro-life law for decades to come!.

Al Gore in 2000 lost Florida (and subsequently the election) because of the 3rd party candidate Ralph Nader. Bush won by only 537 votes.
Exit pols showed that Gore would have won Florida by over 12,000 votes had Nader not been on the ballot.


Donald Trump has already locked up the presidency for Clinton.


McMullin won’t be winning Colorado. The reality is that either Trump or Clinton will be winning the Electoral votes there. If you want McMullin to win the Presidency, his only path is if neither Trump nor Clinton achieve 270 electoral votes and McMullin wins Utah. The best path for that to happen would be for Trump to win Colorado. Ironically, for McMullin fans in Colorado, a vote for Trump actually helps McMullin. It’s just the way the political system is set up.

The reason for this: Trump needs to win most of the swing states to have a chance at becoming the President. Clinton only needs a few to wrap it up. The election actually may come down to Colorado. If Clinton wins Colorado, Clinton probably wins the Presidency. If Trump wins Colorado and most of the swing states, Trump probably wins the Presidency…unless McMullin wins Utah and Trump & Clinton win less than 270 electoral votes. If this happens, the election would move to the House of Representatives and they elect the next President. Since McMullin is a Republican (running as an Independent) and the House of Representatives has a Republican majority, I can see McMullin possibly winning in that manner.

It’s happened before! In the election of 1824, John Quincy Adams finished 3rd in electoral votes. Then the election went to the House, and John Quincy Adams was selected as President.

Bottom line: Colorado has Clinton up by a few points and McMullin isn’t polling all that well there. Ironically, McMullin’s best shot is if Trump wins Colorado while McMullin takes Utah.


Clinton currently looks to be winning 327 electoral votes even if McMullin takes Utah…


Look, I prefer any outcome to a Clinton presidency but the probability of it coming down to who wins Colorado is really a stretch. Trump would have to take all the rest of the toss up States including MN, IA, IN, OH, NC, Fl, AZ, and NV for either Colorado or Utah to matter.

I do however believe in miracles, and the power of prayer. Perhaps a tape of Clinton proving culpability for some of her actions could surface?: ::shrug: :signofcross:


This is a better map to look at:


As I stated, Trump needs most of the swing states to pull it off. Any states listed as “lean”, could switch to the other candidate. All hope isn’t lost here.



I saw that map also. As it now stands Trump would have to take all the swing states including MN which has not voted Republican in 44 years.
All hope is not lost, but it might take a miracle to pull it off.:gopray2:


I will pray something happens between now and November 8 to help lead to a miracle
then! :signofcross::crossrc:


McMullin will be receiving my vote November 8. I hear he might make some noise in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. If he takes 2 states (Utah and Arizona), and hopefully Trump is able to split the electorate with HRC and neither gets to 270, McMullin, might, might be president.


If there’s one thing this election season is teaching me is that my trust is not in the princes of this world but in Christ. That will be true regardless of who is President.

I also think that, if ever there was a time for us to cast off the notion that we simply must accept the two party system, this is that time. With so many people disenfranchised with both candidates, why do we feel ourselves bound to choose between them because of the D and R that follow their name?

I am also struck by how easy it is to spend the most time worrying about the election we have the least impact upon with our vote.

I am happy to see Evan McMullin being successful. I had never even heard of him until a week ago, and here he might just win an entire state. Even if the media doesn’t see fit to give airtime to the third party candidates prior to the election, they will have no choice on election day to reveal that someone other than Clinton and Trump won some electoral votes. Not even Ralph Nader or Ross Perot were able to do that. It could be just the type of thing to shake us out of the thought that the two-party system is simply the way it is.



I didn’t say anything about expecting him to win Colorado, nor even wanting him to.

But if writing out your thought process and directing it to me helped clear your head in some way, then carry on. :thumbsup:


I was going to say, since when is MN a swing state? The only weird presidential election we have had here is when the electoral votes went to Walter Mondale where every other state went to Reagan, but that was still a democratic vote. We have some weird local politics (Jesse Ventura) but less with the diminishing of the DFL and the rise of more mainstream democratic party.


I agree, MN is not usually considered a swing state. However, a pol on September 25th showed Trump in a dead heat with Clinton (43% to 43%).

A great deal has happened since late September, but since a major pol in MN has not been released since then, Real Clear Politics has MN listed as a swing state.

If a major (and I mean MAJOR) negative development happens for Clinton then and only then can we realistically consider the possibility of Clinton not getting the 270 needed. Something like charges pressed against Clinton by the Justice department.

See swing states here…

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