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Good work! There is definitely hope for you yet!

I have mentioned to him that I have doubts about some uniquely Catholic Dogmas and that I may never come to see that they are true.

You have doubts? Welcome to the club! That is a far cry from your original claim that:
“I cannot come to believe” certain things the Church teaches dogmatically. Having doubts is one thing, saying you CANNOT believe something is different. And BTW, it probably was not a good idea to list Baptism and the Eucharist under your list of teachings you cannot accept while saying that you DO accept them. I overlooked it and assumed you didnt beleive in the Eucharist or Baptism and I bet many others did the same thing…that might explain some of the incredulous comments you received. It would be better in the future to say something like,
"While I believe wholeheartedly in the Catholic teachings on the Eucharist and Baptism, there are several areas where I have my DOUBTS.

He told me to stay in the Church and continue to pray and seek God’s guidance and that because I have these issues does not make me a “bad” or “lapsed” Catholic. He also told me not to let others tell me that I am “not Catholic”, that everyone wrestles and struggles with their Faith at times and that it is actually a sign of an active Faith because it is a part of “Faith seeking understanding” and that even Mother Theresa had doubts and struggles.

Wise advice. Lets get to those issues on another thread - start with one. As a practical tip I would save Mary for last…


But from what you’ve stated in your first post, these are no longer doubts or struggles, but beliefs that you hold to with a surety contrary to known Catholic teaching - a BIG difference.


I don’t know what you are but I do know what you are not: Catholic.

You can change your name to Toyota and move into a garage, but it doesn’t make you a car. Neither does calling yourself a Catholic make you one. Believe whatever you have to believe but you are just another Protestant denomination of one.



That depends on whether or not your friends reject these truths like you have or are just ignorant of the truth.



I agree with you 100% At one point in my life I also found myself unable to accept certain Catholic teachings. I left the Church. Fortunately God was able to show me where I was wrong and I returned. If someone believes as this person does, he could still attend Mass but he should not receive the Eucharist since he would be doing so unworthily.



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