Evangelical Catholicism

My Presbyterian minister buddy asked me to look up a book called “The Evangelical Catholic” or something like that. So I’m trolling the net and come up with:


I’m not sure what to think, so I flip through further and I find:


This is offered through the Madison, WI archdiocese.

And I look further and see:


It’s a PDF link to a handbook of how to minister like an Evangelical but use Catholic theology. Intriguing.

So my interest is picqued. Can anyone offer first-hand experience of EC?

I looked at their site a while back because I’ve often used that term to describe myself and wondered if it was an organization of like-minded folk, but I didn’t see that it was anything I was looking for at the time. Now that I’m working on something different, I’m excited that you’ve re-introduced me to the group!

Beyond that, however, I can’t speak to the organization as I don’t know anything about them except what is on their website.

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