evangelical christian l prophets predicted Donald Trump

There are numerous evangelical prophets predicted that Donald Trump would be president and would have problems. And the world would reject him and try to impeach him . kick him out.

That no matter what they would reject him. But God was protecting him

But prophets say he was chosen by God for just a time as this to expose the corruption.

What do you think?

I find the quasi-religious cult around this self-professed womanizer very disturbing. He is not the Lord’s anointed…

Who are the evangelical prophets?

Evangelical prophets? Oh please.

I think those people are shilling “end times” food packs for $1000 per case, and suckers are buying it with what little money they’ve saved up for the past 8 years of Obama’s accursed righting of the economy.


Can you believe this is tax free? No wonder the secularists are up in arms.

There’s a few Catholic posters here on CAF who have stated that he has been blessed by God.

I think it’s best to remember sometimes that the worst person sometimes lead to the best thing.

Before the Roman Empire finally once and for all stamp out paganism, they had Julian the Apostate.

To a degree - we do pray for all secular rulers, that they may lead us in truth and justice. That goes for President Trump, formerly President Obama, your Governor, your Mayor, your Congressman, Senator, Judges, etc.

Oh… kind of like how a few days after 9/11 I saw a televangelist say that he prophesied the terrorists attacks :rolleyes: Scam artists or they believe their own delusions. I sometimes know what my girlfriend is going to say before she says it… it does not make me a mind reader.

Predicted… oh please, after it was down to Hillary and Trump they had a 50/50% chance of getting their “prediction” right. Ill take them seriously when they prove they predicted something that is a one in a million chance.

Wasn’t this obvious over the past year? The agenda of the radical progressives is well known. A distillation of Saul Alinsky: Achieve by whatever means. If you cannot prevent your opponent, obstruct.

We are living in the age of false prophets, as our Lord said. It is easy to predict a train wreck if you know the bridge is out.

Sure they did…Liberty University Grads Returning Diplomas to Protest Falwell’s Trump Support

As Joe Biden would say, I think it’s a lot of malarkey.

That IS odd, considering Jerry Falwell Inc. is well known for being well, Jerry Falwell. The institution he created would be leaning toward his view, I imagine – I wonder why these grads chose to attend this school in the first place

I don’t know if it makes any difference, but the current President of Liberty University is Jerry Falwell Jr. His father, who founded the University, died some years ago.


And it doesn’t take a prophet or a genius to figure out that the Democrats have power for 8 years, then people give it to the Republicans. It’s like a pendulum that sways back and forth. Clinton 8 years - Bush for 8 years - Obama 8 years - Republican(____) Trump or whoever for 8 years.

I think you should provide some names of these so called prophets. Let us see what they actually said, and when they said it. You know, like a source of their statements.

:rotfl:Blessed by God? A flat out womanizer and racist being blessed by God? Delusions of grandeur!

One does not have to predict anything with Trump, his and actions and words alone make him very predictable.

No, **you’re **the puppet!

Agree. And God used David, a murderer and a philanderer.

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