Evangelical church opens replica of Solomon's Temple in Brazil on July 31


$300,000,000 they spent on this. And people complain the Catholic Church is “too rich” and should give everything to the poor. I notice they are calling themselves the “Universal Church”. Pretty soon they’ll have to elect themselves a Pope. :smiley:

It’s a beautiful building and I understand why they are building it, but I think what it is they are seeking can only be found in the Eucharist.

You are right.

Why ya’ll gotta be so critical? Haha.

Really crazy what they’re doing; I often wonder what Jewish people think about our obsession with their history. I mean, this is being done as a Christian thing but would Jews find it kinda cool too?

I’ve always wondered what the Jewish take is on Christians revering their history and Scriptures so much.

Its our history too. Every Christian has this as their history, since Christianity is the continuity of Judaism. Modern day Judaism is a dead religion.

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Catholicism is the fulfillment of Judaism. The Catholic Church is the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom. Christ didn’t come to create a new religion, He came to fulfill His. That was His prophecy :slight_smile:

As I say; I’m curious what Jewish people think about it all. I’m sure it’s just “meh whatever” but it’s funny.

Totally agree with you.

My first thoughts on this were, “oh, I see they are building a Cathedral.”. In the video, when the man in charge starts to choke up, the narrator admits that this is something that is missing from their faith life. If only they could see that God never intended that be taken away and that it has existed since!..In the Catholic Faith!

I notice a lot of various Protestants doing Catholic things without realizing it. It’s so odd, I wonder if they have any inclination what their hearts are trying to tell them.

I guess they figured that it would be a very long time (if ever) for them to build this on the Temple Mount (seriously - every attempt to rebuild the Temple has come from fundamentalist Christian groups). Actually, it seems like for many (not all) fundamentalist groups, the OT is more important than the NT. I wonder why.

To be clear, this isn’t an exact replica of Solomon’s Temple along with all the rituals that went on therein. It is merely a megachurch building that looks like Solomon’s Temple, yet does not function as such (no sacrifices, incense, holy of holies, etc), from what I understand.

Mormons have done similar, for example, the Mesa LDS Temple (among others) is modeled after Solomon’s Temple, yet it doesn’t perform the same rituals.

that is a pretty terrible thing to say about any other’s religion. Some of the most interesting and insightful persons spiritually that I have met are Jewish people practicing their faith.

This Church is very controversial in Brazil. In October 12 1995 (the 10/12 is a national holiday in Brazil, celebrating the country’s patron saint, Our Lady of Aparecida), bishop Sérgio von Helde (or von Helder, as many people call him) was talking against idolatry in his TV show (aired on Record TV network, owned by the Universal Church led by Edir Macedo) and he kicked and punched a few times an image of the saint in the studio, showing that it was only a statue made of wood or plaster and it couldn’t do a thing for Catholics who prayed for her asking for miracles. In the following days, newspapers and other newspapers starting talking about this event at exhaustion, especially Globo TV network and the newspaper “O Globo”, owned by the same media group. Also, many Catholics invaded temples of the Universal Church and destroyed furniture and everything there were inside the temples. Sergio von Helde was put away from the TV shows he hosted. He was convicted by Brazilian Justice for vilification of an object of worship and was sent abroad.

There was a rumor that, in the US, Sérgio was struck by an unidentified illness and was hospitalized. One day, a black nurse came to see him and later that day he was misteriously healed. When he was leaving the hospital, he asked about the nurse who came to see him and they said there were no black nurses in the hospital. Then he concluded, the nurse was Our Lady of Aparecida (whose image represents a black woman) and his cure was a miracle. Then, he would have converted into the Roman Catholic Church.

This rumor was published in a Catholic magazine in Brazil, whose editor didn’t investigate the authenticity of the story. Many other magazines and newspapers, and even the website of a Catholic TV channel (Canção Nova, or New Song in English), published the story, believing in the original account. Then, the Universal Church newspaper, called Folha Universal, published an interview with Sérgio bon Helde, who denied the rumor and attacked the Catholic Church for allegedly creating the rumor. According to the newspaper, he was in New York, taking care of a temple of the Universal Church in the Bronx. I called the church in the Bronx, and a pastor confirmed this.

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