Evangelical Leaders in Support of Ice Bucket Challenge

I guess this is mainly for those readers who once were evangelical Christians. How many of you were influenced by Catholicism’s beliefs about life issues?

This article from Christianity Today showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. Apparently today’s evangelicals have little concern about what happens to the embryo when its stem cells are used:


As an alternative


I thank Catholics for steadfastly and boldly proclaiming God’s will that we protect life. Without good Catholic examples - I’m afraid even us Confessional Lutherans would find it much easier to waver.

Here’s a little Lutheran humor about the current ice bucket fad:

I don’t think it is fair or productive to lump all Evangelicals into one pile when discussing sanctity of life issues.

My brother Peter is an Evangelical pastor, and he takes right-to-life issues very seriously and preaches such to his congregation. I personally know several Evangelicals who are appalled by the abortion mentality that is so pervasive these days.

It may be helpful to remember that although most or all who call themselves Evangelical have a similar approach to the bible and to Christianity in general, there is a wide variety of beliefs on specific issues facing Evangelicals in the modern age, and there is more liberty of thought and conscience in Evangelicalism than most non-Evangelicals realize.

In my understanding and experience, Evangelical Christianity is a spectrum rather than a monolith.


True, and I should have mentioned that. I was formerly an evangelical Christian, and one of my best friends, also an evangelical, is very active in pro-life work. My concern is how the “big players” in evangelical Christianity are often unaware and unconcerned.

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