Evangelical Monopoly on Condemnation of Same Sex "Marriage"


Am I the only one who is dismayed at the fact that so much of the credit for the rage against homosexual “marriage” is awarded to Evangelical Christians? It seems that everywhere I tune the radio, someone is touting the courage of Evangelicals to stand up against same-sex “marriage”, as if they have a monopoly on it. As I reflect on it, I wonder if it’s true. I think we as Catholics need to make our voices heard a little louder regarding this issue. To hear it being reported as an “Evangelical issue” negates the fact that the Catholic Church as taught it as a moral evil since time immemorial. Evidently there is enough dissention in the ranks (i.e. “Catholics” who reject the authoritative teaching of their Church) to make those outside the Church question the Catholic Church’s stand on this issue. What do you all think? :frowning:


Maybe our marketing budget is smaller?

By all means, let’s associate ourselves with “rage.” That’s what I look for in my church, no question.


The Evangelical Church, although “seperated bretheren” are not our enemies.

This battle is not about credit…it is about winning. Pure and simple. It is about morality.

I’m actually overjoyed that a Protestant religion, rather than bowing to the “society” and “social norms” as they did on contraception, is actually standing against the tide and condemning this particular moral evil.

I say we step up to the plate, shake hands, and make sure our voices are joined in agreement. We all need to find some common ground…maybe this platform will gain some converts to the true faith if we take the time to agree rather than debate on those real world issues that really face us today.

This isn’t about “who was first”. It’s about “who will be last.”

I hope it’s we Christians, Catholic and Protestant, who find the ability to realize that we can stand together.


I’m really glad that the Catholic Church isn’t being labeled as the prime rager on this issue. The frank fact is, Evangelical Fundamentalism condemns homosexuality with way too much hate. Catholics have the right approach: it is grave sin, but compassion is called for. I mean whoa, imagine the horrible cross that homosexuals have to bear. If they succeed in bearing it gracefully, you can bet the Lord is exceptionally pleased with them. It’s a fallen world, and we each have our vices, let’s leave the judgements up to God.



My intent in the first post was not to condemn Evangelical Christians for their stand because it is apparently more vocal than ours. It was meant as a “call-to-arms” for Catholics to make it known that we also stand on that side on this issue. I just wish that more media coverage would involve our stance on this issue (and others like it), rather than the subtle attacks on the legitimacy of our faith by glorifying the sexual abuse scandals and such. Not that they don’t need to be covered; they clearly need to be brought to light, and the Catholic Church in American needs to root out this scourge within our clergy. But if you polled an “average American” and asked them to name the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Evangelical, the likely answer would be “against gay marriage”. When you ask that same “average American” what the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Catholic, they’d be more likely to say “that’s the Church with the pedophile priests”. I think that’s the doing of the media more than anything. They’re by and large anti-Christian, but they recognize the power of the numbers when Christians mobilize for a certain cause. I would just like to see us represent ourselves better.


I wish our stance would be covered too, but the fact is, it’s not exciting. It’s rational, which is a problem in their eyes. The media, much like Satan, loves the extremes. It’s what creates interest. That’s why people from the far sides of the political spectrum get all the airtime they want to yell and spit at each other, while us folks who sit calmly and rationally in the middle just get our eardrums busted.

The media should cover the abuses in the Church. They should also cover abuses that occur by protestant ministers which, I’m told are the ratio of occurence to media coverage is very contrasted to that in the one, true Church. The media should cover the issue with a fair and balanced voice, not one that exaggerates or makes biased implications. But, then again, fair and balanced hasn’t been the media’s favorite way of doing things for awhile, and attacking the one insitution in the world that stands for the unaltered Truth is a great way to distract people from their sins.


Here in Canada, or at least in Ottawa, it seems like its the Catholic church that is most often cited as being in opposition of gay “marriage”.


a large part of the issue is that for Catholics, we already have a fairly strong division in our minds between civil and sacramental marriage, as most Catholics are well aware that the church does not recognize many marriages under current civil law. For Protestants, marriage is marriage. They have little appreciation for a marriage that can be civil but not sacramental. hence the tendency for them to be more strident on this matter.


Eh…they’re Christians and thats what counts…how can a Christian steal another Christians thundar?

Besides…no matter how much the radical Evangelicals and/or Fundamentalists spew total hatred against gays and carry signs such as God Hates Fags, fags burn in hell, etc… the Catholic Church, no matter how nice and rational she attempts to explain the concept of hate the sin not the sinner, is ALWAYS the one who gets blamed for hate speech and an uncaring attitude toward gays.


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