Evangelical or Fundamental?

What is the difference between a Evangelical Protestant and a Fundamental Protestant? What major denominations fall under these categories?


Evangelicals don’t hold to some of the more hardline beliefs held by Fundamentalists, such as once-saved-always-saved, no salvation without a “personal relationship with Christ” (which has a different meaning depending on what denomination or sect one asks) and Sola Scriptura (which Evangelical groups nuance to one degree or another).

It’s difficult to name denominations that are either Evangelical or Fundamentalist because 1) many that were once Fundamentalist are now backing away from the harder/less convincing beliefs, such as once-saved-always-saved, etc.

Some Baptist churches are quite Fundamentalist while others are not. And as for non-denominational churches, they’re all over the map. Providing exactly which ones hold to what is just about impossible.

An Evangelical Protestant is out there knocking on doors, preaching in the street, and starting up his own web site or TV show to get the Word out to the world. These are the ones that do the rock concerts in church to get the young people out, and have all the exciting events going on all the time, to bring in the community.

A Fundamental Protestant believes that there are five fundamentals that all Christians must believe, and that everything else is up for grabs. The five fundamentals are:

* The inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit and the inerrancy of Scripture as a result of this.
* The virgin birth of Christ.
* The belief that Christ's death was an atonement for sin.
* The bodily resurrection of Christ.
* The historical reality of Christ's miracles.
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