Evangelical Pastors Serving in Cities Known for Advocating Homosexuality Say: 'Don't Water Down the Gospel'

Mike Goeke, associate pastor at First Baptist Church of San Francisco, participates in a panel at the Southern Baptist Convention event Equip Austin in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Evangelical pastors who lead churches in cities known for their strong support of homosexuality have stressed the need to preach the Gospel lovingly toward the LGBT community.

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Great article; I am a big proponent of not watering down the gospel for the sake of membership in a Church. That said teaching the truth In love is the main key and a call to repentance for all of us who are sinners, “everyone included”


The problem is, in order to call for repentance, we should make it clear for everyone what sin is.

Water down the Gospel? Forgive me, wasn’t that the point of Protestantism?

I agree, my post was not clear it seems.


:thumbsup: Amen!!!


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