Evangelical Prophetic Dance has become the RC Liturgical dance!

Oh no the horrible Evangelical Prophetic Dance has become the RC Liturgical dance!

The rest is good. I don’t think the most Evangelical or Chrismatic Anglican would go anywhere near that far. I’m impressed.:smiley:


Is this really a Roman Catholic Church??

God Bless!

That one…it is recognized as a Catholic parish…but a dissident one…

What does that mean?

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Wow, I can’t even recognize that as a Catholic Parish. I guess someone here said it is a dissident one though. Does that poster know where it is? Is that really where they “worship”? If so, how did the Bishop allow this structure to be built not following Vatican Guidelines? Churches can’t just be built any which way you know. Or is that not the main church, but some other room where they claim to be practicing “liturgical worship”? Either way, if that truely is a “Catholic Parish”, it needs to be delt with.

It means they have decided to “do their own thing” in defiance of RCC norms and practice of the Liturgy

Thankfully my parish is nowhere near that bad. Nor have I ever seen a Mass this ridiculous.

I’m going to go wash my eyeballs and brush up on some Latin.

I worked with the Sister’s of Mercy for a short time assisting them in their AIDS house which they ran for women of the street and their children who suffered from AIDS. I drove two of the sisters to their regional conference in SFO about 7 years ago. I attended the conference with them and during the program a couple of the Sisters of Mercy gave an “interpretive dance” while a group of other sisters sang and read scripture…this looks very much like the “interpretive dance” the one sister performed…except she was dressed in white and had a “mime’s face” painted on.


I think you’re right, that’s not the nave of a church it’s a parish hall or some other room.

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My interweb search skills must be off right now. It has taken me forever to find out where that is and who they are.

This footage was shot at the Call To ACtion group’s 2008 West Coast Conference. For those who do not know, Call To Action is a group that has no business in the Catholic Church. They want women priests, homosexual marriage, and the Church to be a true democracy in everything, including theology. They couldn’t care less about what Rome says about anything.

It certainly looks ridiculous.

What a gross display…

Which means at the very least, this wasn’t happening durring liturgical worship. So, no liturgical abuse. Certainly bizzar, and I certainly disagree with the premise upon which people are saying this group exists. But yeah, if it’s not in the church, it can’t be durring liturgical service.

Ugh-I might be joining the ultra-traditionalist movement after all.

This was very weird, creepy, unsettling! I am pretty tolerant, but I think this was way over the top. If I had been present, I would have left the assembly.

Have you not ever had Mass in your Parish Hall or a school cafeteria when construction is being done in your main Church building? Most Churches do not start out with beautiful Cathedrals.

God Bless!

I honestly can’t even get mad at this because it’s so stupid and I couldn’t stop laughing. For reality check, look at one of the video responses to the CTA mass.


No Mass, would ever be held out side of the nave unless they had a very good reason not too… i.e. capacity issues, for instance for Christmas mass the parish I went to growing up would make use of the Gymnasium of a near by private school in order to offer a second mass going on at the same time as the main mass in the nave.

There’s no such explanation for what is going on here. There is no way from this video to conclude what is going on here is what they consider Liturgical mass. There’s no way to know for sure, that this isn’t just some event the church is putting on out side of mass, other than one person’s assersion that this is liturgical abuse.

It was the closing mass for the Call To Action people.

It could also be the end of Call to Action on Catholic property.

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