Evangelicals and thinking God is talking to them personally

I have a co-worker who is a non Catholic Christian. When I asked what denomination he was from, he gave me the “Just Christian” answer. So in my head I was like "Ok, he is of the non-denominational denomination lol )

I seem to have gotten him to respect Catholics more, because he told me so. We talk like brothers in Christ but I told him to make no mistake in that I believe that The Catholic Church IS Gods true Church. I believe I told him that after he started in with the “It does not matter if you are Catholic or Christian just as long as…” speech.

He kept trying to tell me afterward that “God has put it in his heart that it does not matter whether you are protestant or Catholic” (only he did not say protestant, he said Christian) I explained to him that if he tells me that God told him something and The Catholic Church tells me something else, I am going to believe my Church not him lol. I guess he kind of understood but tried to tell me the same thing again “God put it in my heart to tell you…” or something a long those lines. I noticed this is typical of the "evangelical type. I also think he does the whole “Randomly open the Bible and whatever page you open, that is what God Is telling you” thing. Any thoughts on this? What do you typically say/do when a evangelical claims that God is telling them to tell you something that conflicts with Church teaching? Maybe he did not directly say “God told me to tell you…” but that is what it seemed like. But I have gotten the “God told me to tell you” speech before by evangelicals. BTW I use to be a protestant Christian and I was not to Crazy about all of that even before I became Catholic.

Tell him to turn to the verse 'Judas went out and hanged himself" followed with the verse ‘Go thou and do likewise’.

Just kidding of course.

It took me about 5 seconds to get it… but I got what you meant LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Too funny. But I am sure if that happened then he would believe that it was a coincidence not from God LOL

I would mention saints that God really did talk to like Joan of arc, or padre Pio and tell him about their stories and he might read and research them more

I assume he believes that God communicates through The scriptures, well The scriptures tells us that He conferred Authority, to the pillar and bulwark of truth, which is the Church!

I would just say, that when The scriptures say something, and your friends heart says something that contradicts scripture, you will have to go with The scriptures every time!

Sounds like much of what your friend is saying, goes against Scripture!

God bless!

I had to smile when I saw the thread title. :slight_smile:

I’ve certainly heard stories like this often enough:

“I was looking up at the sky, at how beautiful it is, and I said, ‘God, you’re just amazing!’ Do you know what He said? ‘It’s because I love you, that I made the sky so beautiful!’ He loves us that much! ‘That’s why you shouldn’t ever feel sad,’ He said to me.”

I dunno, on the one hand it’s charming; on the other hand, sometimes we just have internal dialogues with ourselves, and it can be a bit unfair to assign every thought to divine communication. :slight_smile:

Preachers like Kenneth Copeland will often recount long conversations that “God had” with them, almost like little lectures on some bible passage or other. It can be silly, but it can also strike me as rather dangerous when doctrine is encouraged to be discovered via such a method.

I think this sort of thing is most common in Pentecostal and other Christian denominations which may place a high emphasis on fideism.

I get that a lot. They say Christian or Jesus and it turns out their church is like a little concert with electric guitars and drums played like Metallica or something (the music not the words), bass guitars being plucked and people with their arms up like and their faces as if they were in a trance. They talk about Jesus like He is their best mate to chill out with rather than God. It seems extremely diluted.

More like a youth club or a coffee morning for rock fans.

They are still a denomination, a branch from another denomination but they don’t like to be called by a particular name.

Actually the practice of “randomly opening the Bible” is known as “breaking open the word of God.” This is done by many Catholics as well as non-Catholics. It was something I was asked to do as one seeking to be a Consecrated Virgin. My own experience is God can speak to a person in this manner.

During the process one simply reads scripture and basically tries to determine if a particular group of words, or verse stands out to them. As a 4 year old child, (with no knowledge of this practice) I was reading a bible and this happened to me. The verse that “hit me as personally mine” was: “My grace is enough for you, for in weakness power reaches perfection.”

Now I am not suggesting that this always happens, but it does. God can give us particular instincts about things, situations and people that one could say is his way of communicating with us. But people can confuse their own notions as being that of God when it is not. This is what we must all be careful about.

I have to say I don’t think being a Catholic is a guarantee that a person is “safe” or that being a non-denominational Christian is a guarantee that one is doomed. Only God can know the person’s heart and spiritual state and I am certain He makes provisions for all those who are truly seeking His will and way.

Just to throw something out on the other side of the issue, what would be the point of personally talking to an entity (=praying), if you don’t believe that he is going to talk back to you? :shrug: That would be like a guy continually phoning and sending cards to a girl who never answers. (Of course, God doesn’t have people arrested for harassment or stalking.)

I have no doubt that God talks to people. But if someone is saying God told them to tell me something or that God has put something on their heart, but it conflicts with what God has revealed to The Catholic Church (It does not matter as if you are protestant or Catholic) I have to believe that person is just talking to themselves in their own head. Especially if they are telling me to just “Forget the whole Catholic and Christian thing” :shrug:

I agree. I know what The Church teaches about salvation outside The Church. I use to be protestant by the way. But now that I know The Catholic Church is Gods Church, I must remain in her, right? That is why for me personally, I kind of take issue with being told “God put it in my heart that it does not matter whether you are protestant or Catholic.” It does matter. Get where I am coming from?

Ironic how all these people who have inner lyrics never studied the Catholic mystics.

…equally ironic is those who don’t read horoscopes open the Bible like a divine fortune cookie.

Is it just me?

Welcome to the church of Navel Gazing, where Good talks to one in esoteric ways BUT not if one is Catholic.

Not to derail, but this the second thread about people having religious debates in the workplace.
When do ya’ll get the work done?
Said with tongue firmly in cheek.

One could argue that using the Bible as a crystal ball is a direct result of the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. That is not to say Protestants who adhere to SS end up there, but that does appear to be the general direction for fundamentalist extremists.
Presumption is a very dangerous thing.

To correct my post, lyrics = locutions and Good = God.

It’s mind boggling that folks have ideas “laid on their heart” and have the nerve to take scripture out of context. To many of them I say, “Here’s your millstone.”

As I once heard on CAL, when there are a hundred “inspired” people with a hundred different interpretations, it makes the Holy Spirit look inconsistent – which isn’t even possible.

Sola scriptura has led to so very much splintering of churches that it galls me that it is a non issue to practicing neo evangelists.

Notice how some pagan folks say, “We don’t know what the ancient pagans did, so we fill in the blanks?” Well, again it’s ironic that non denominational Christians do the same. Although, there isn’t such a lack of continuity. It’s called the Church.

The more I hear and experience of the sola scripturacropped, the more their practices seem to parallel all they profess is ‘dark sided,’ from Catholicism to paganism.

This was my experience at a non-denominational church as well. I taught at the church’s private school and therefore saw many of their services. They do believe that that is “praise & worship”. Most of them were sincere and really loved Jesus and believed that that is how you showed it.

that’s what immediately thought…:thumbsup:

I agree with what you have stated here. Having been immersed in both worlds, a Catholic set adrift in the Bible only protestant world and now trying to be in full communion with THE Church, I can relate to my non-Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ. How will they know if no one teaches them? Be compassionate, all they have is the Bible. I do believe God has called them, a few will find their way home, as Catholic’s say, others will just be content, living out their faith by what they learn in the Bible. I have met lots of believers who practice God’s love and mercy and kindness. I have solidly protestant friends who know my husband is converting to Catholicism, we can study the Bible together, we share what we know about the church, and they meditate on that. We are reaching out in love.

It is a mind boggling struggle when you finally realize the Bible alone is not enough. Reading about the saints is a good way to get these modern day saints to realize we are essentially all in the same boat, trusting in God. Now if we can also trust in His church. Don’t criticize your brother, love him into the church.

How is opening that God does not speak directly to Protestants not an example of limiting God?

Since you did not quote anyone else’s post and I am the OP I have to say that I hope you were not talking to me. I never said God does not speak to protestants, I don’t believe that God does not speak to protestants. He is God, he can do what he wants. I believe that if someone says that God told them something, but it conflicts with Catholic teaching, then they only think God is talking to them. I am going to believe God spoke the truth through His Church everytime! Not some random person who says otherwise. God promised to lead his Church to all truth. I put more faith in His Bishops and Priests than lay-persons to teach me what God wants me to know. And interpret his word. By that I mean Scripture.

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