Evangelicals Help Greet Pope Francis at the White House

An enthusiastic crowd of 11,000 ticketed guests gathered on the South Lawn of the White House this morning as President Obama officially welcomed Pope Francis to the United States.

Among the overwhelmingly Catholic audience there to greet him on his first US visit was a smattering of evangelical leaders.

Leith Anderson and Galen Carey from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition. David Anderson, pastor of Bridgeway Community Church. Lisa Sharon Harper from Sojourners. Joel Hunter of Northland Church.

Like 45% of Americans, many evangelicals have ties to Catholicism—a spouse, a parent, perhaps even a grandparent who was once Catholic and left the fold for a Protestant version of Christianity.


Pope Francis seems to be enchanting everyone, people of all religions and beliefs.
His words, like those of many great spiritual leaders, are universal for all:
Help each other, take care of the planet, be fair, don’t be judgmental, don’t be greedy.
These thoughts cross all barriers and speak to everyone.


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