Evangelicals, Muslims Denounce Franklin Graham's Anti-Islamic Views

WASHINGTON (RNS) An evangelical pastor from Texas joined American Muslim leaders Thursday (July 23) in denouncing recent anti-Muslim comments by evangelist Franklin Graham as they announced upcoming efforts to build bridges between their religious communities.
In response to the killing of five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn., last week, Graham, son of evangelical leader Billy Graham, wrote on Facebook that the U.S. should bar Muslims from immigrating.


Franklin Graham does have a tendency to go a little too far and be somewhat zealous at times, as did his father, Billy Graham, in his youth. I’m sure he, like his father, will mellow with age.

Also, consider that Huffington Post is scarcely neutral or objective in covering Evangelicals or Catholics. I wonder about the larger context, what led up to this, how has Franklin Graham interacted with or about Muslims in past, in his very extensive international ministry? Is there a pattern of prejudice, or caring?

The pastor described as Evangelical has taken positions somewhat more liberal than most people described as “Evangelical”.

Not saying you are wrong, just wondering what led up to this coordinated Media Event?

From what I’ve heard about and from Franklin Graham in the past, he has never sounded too caring about Muslims or their faith. I’m not sure about his position on other social and political issues compared to his fellow Evangelicals.

Franklin does care about muslims, he would like to convert them all. He simply refuses to yield to current approved opinion that islam is a valid religious belief. He is more of an old school baptist. I applaud his zeal. I don’t agree with locking all muslims from immigrating into the US, but wecdo need to be extremely careful with background checks. We also are getting crowded in the US and need to restrict all immigration.

If Islam is not a “valid religious belief,” then what is it?

To understand this you need to recognize that there are three approaches in dealing with Islam. This depends upon how you feel about Mohammed. If you believe Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, then you are a believer. If you don’t, you are a Kafir. The third is that of a dhimmi, a Kafir who is ultimately an apologist for Islam. Dhimmis do not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, but they never say anything that would displease a Muslim. Dhimmis never offend Islam and condemn any analysis that is critical of Islam as being biased. In this way, they will earn themselves their lives by remaining submissive and paying the Jizya.

The title is misleading. It says “evangelicals” as if there were more of them, but when I read the article all it talks about is a bunch of Muslims and ONE evangelical pastor. The headline should have just read “One evangelical pastor disagrees with another evangelical pastor” instead of making it sound like all of Evangelicalism was up in arms over what Graham said. And they have the nerve to call the press conference a “joint evangelical Christian and Muslim event.”

Franklin Graham does not represent all evangelicals, but he certainly has more influence than Bob Roberts Jr. (who I had never heard of until today). It sounds like Huffington Post is trying to make this “denunciation” more dramatic than it actually was.

One of the tactics of stamping out descent is to ‘isolate’ the descender. It sends a signal to everyone that if you take this stance, you are an outlier and stand alone. It’s very effective and used by the media to control opinion.

From the Christian perspective, Islam is the Arian heresy with a fancifully edited Bible.

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