Evangelicals Preach Christ


They preach what they think is Christ. Most of the time in my experience they are mistaken.

They also are by and large leading the fight against abortion and gay marriage and other moral evils in this country.

I thank God for our evangelical friends, even if they stole our name.

‘They’ covers a lot of ground. So does ‘Most of the time’…

Are the Orthodox such good preachers that they have room to criticize?

No, we are not and we do not.

Things must be different in California. Here in Arkansas, the pro-file movement is mostly Catholic, even though we make up less than one tenth the state’s population.

Most of the Catholics here actually support the pro baby death position and the pro gay marriage position, and they vote that way.

I am glad that they support the pro life cause in Alabama.

Evangelicals preach an incomplete Christ - Christ without His Body (the Church), Christ without His Bride (the Church), Christ without His people (the Church). They also preach a slew of misunderstandings about Christ (heterodoxy) especially about our relationship to Him, how we are saved by Him, etc.

To roundly state “evangelicals preach Christ.” Is, IMHO, giving off a wrong impression as to the completeness of that preaching.

Besides, to paraphrase Chesterton, “if there were no Catholics, there’d be no Evangelicals.”

I’m sorry, but plenty of non-evangelicals also preach an incomplete Christ. If not in their words, then certainly in their actions.


No one claimed only Evangelicals preach an incomplete Christ, but others doing so doesn’t give a pass to someone claiming " Evangelicals preach Christ."

Well people are people but Orthodoxy doesn’t teach the false image pretty much every Protestant church does.

Yes, but they stand in the tradition of Apollos, fervent albeit misguided.

I wish this were true! If it were our elected officials would behave very differently, and our laws would reflect this. Same with Catholics.

This is a sad fact HH. Most Americans who still call themselves “Catholics” are really Protestant (thinjk they can disobey the Teachings of the Church) and remain in right relationship with Christ and His Holy Bride. If they did act and vote their conscience our culture would look very different.

If we were living out faith, we could have some real impact in the culture of death in which we live. Secular humanism is running away with our societal norms because we have allowed it.

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