Evangelisation within Holidays in a Catholic parish


Dear friends,

Greetings in Christ’s name!

I am A Roman Catholic Priest and I would like to go for two months holidays to USA, Germany or Ireland in one of the catholic parishes in any diocese for priestly summer supply next year-2014. Please, anyone with a good idea of any possibility of the diocese and or parish where I can spend these two months. I will be very happy to read from you and share my faith in God with you within this short time. God bless you.

Fr. David.


Diocese of San Diego, USA is beautiful, with the beach, a lot of the people I know are very kind and friendly I of course don’t speak for the entire diocese, but I think you will be welcomed.


:) Thanks Anthony,

I am grateful for having your email address. I will contact Diocese of San Diego, do you know anybody in the Diocesan administration? who can push for me this interest and idea?


Fr. David


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