Evangelising and my vocation!


hey forum!!


I feel very strongly that i am called to the Priesthood. I have dialoguded with a vocations director. That being established, I feel called/drawn to the Knights of the HOLY EUCHARIST knightsoftheholyeucharist.com/

However, i have heard that evangelising is needed in Ltin America as US funded evangelicals and pentecostals are gaining ground. The Holy Father said this has to stop. I love Spanish and would love to learn it in a more thorough way, ( in addition to 7 or 8 more languages, and i think i would love the culture, so for fitting in, i dont think would be a big problem) I was thinking of the FSSP in either Colombia or Mexico. www.fssp.org

however, i want you dear readers to give me some opinons and reccommedations

For the Knights of the Holy EUCHARIST, i LOVE the Knights and i know them very well, but i want to be a Priest as well!!- your opinions on the Knights!!!??

I am very strongly (97 %) considering Religious Life as well

so, for orders, what could you recommend:

I am looking for:

Traditional, meaning latin MASS, perhaps in addition to the NOVUS ORDO, full length habits

A bit of austerity : not too much though!! :wink:

And a little bit of each of the following

Preaching, Social Work (helping the homeless, sick, poor etc.), Missionary



Benedictine or Franciscan preferably

needs Priests!!

and i would consider the following countries:

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, France, America

I need your help dear readers so please chime in!!!


Your exuberance is noble, but based on this an another post on not wanting to “be a traitor” to St. Francis, I feel you might have LOTS of discerning before even thinking of a particular order or vocation, or even beginning the inquiry process that could take several years. Vocations and Holy Orders are not something to be taken lightly. What does your Spiritual Director have to say?


I talked with the Vocations director at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He said, judging my chats with him via email, the three discernment overnights etc., that I am called to be a Priest. No doubt there, where there is doubt is to whether or not i am called to Diocescan or Religious Priesthood. He and i feel that i am called towards Religious, and that “traitor to St. Francis article” was just a quirk, But yes, i do have to start praying as to which order i feel called/drawn to. That is why i mentioned the Knights of the Holy EUCHARIST, i have applied to them, and more than likely, will be accepted. I am sincere in my Faith, and i feel a gut-deep pull/call to help Our LORD gather the faithful together for HIM!! I want my mission to be saving souls with and through JESUS CHRIST!! Holy Orders is definetly not something i want to play around with, nor was i even thinking of such a thing. I have a HIGH RESPECT for Holy Orders, this being perhaps a reasont that i feel the call. My old spiritual director also told me to go for it, as he feels that if i dont i wont ever be happy. So, :shrug: what can i tell you?? I want to say MASS and Absolve sins. These are two things that i want to do for sure!!


That “traitor” question was silly, what i am asking now, is something that i am asking with dead seriousness, I have felt this call since a very young age, Grew up on the Altar, as a Altar server, and proud of it!! :thumbsup:, It is only natural that i pursue this call because if i feel i dont, i feel like i will regret something eternally!!


It sounds like you want to do a bit of everything (8 languages...). Don't we all!

I'm under the assumption that the Knights of the Holy Eucharist are not priests, their website doesn't hint at it.

As a secular priest (diocesan, FSSP, etc) Mass, the Sacraments, and Divine office MUST be the center of your life, including prayer life, regardless of circumstance (location, alone, etc). If you feel called to say Mass and do not feel called to a specific ministry or have a specific charism, this may be a good direction to go in. If you are more interested in other things (poverty ministry, etc), you probably should not go this route. If pastoral business at the expense of long hours in contemplation or adoration is a burden, then you should also not go this route. Priests are very busy. A religious priest is first called to religious life; he is a monk or a friar first, and a priest only if his superiors will. There are some orders that are exclusively priests, so there's flexibility. A traditional benedictine life will have very little contact with the outside world; not exactly a missionary order. For many Abbeys, this has changed since V2 (e.g. St John's Abbey in MN).

Why 97%?

You mention FSSP. They are looking to expand to Latin America, but their spiritual lives center on the traditional Mass alone. If you have any desire to say the Ordinary Form, I would stay away from them simply because it is not their "charism", if you will. The Knights of the Holy Eucharist mention serving at "Healing Services" and your username is "Mama" Mary. If you have an attachment to either of these things, I wouldn't look there either. I'm not derailing you, I'm just trying to point out their mentality is probably different than yours.

One thing is for sure, if you decide to become a priest or religious, you will seriously need to learn to type! :thumbsup: Professionalism ftw!


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