Evangelising the wishy-washy - ideas pls?

Hi all,

I could describe myself as a former Mary Magdalene, in relation to my past sinful life as a wishy-washy Catholic - immoral, ignoring . not understanding Church teachings, attending Mass when it suited me, praying only in emergencies, etc.

Well after a very profound conversion - nothing dramatic like a vision or anything, but reading the Bible and realising I had turned my back on God, I now have changed my ways totally - of course I still fall many times a day, but not into the serious sins which characterised my past.

So my question is - I feel drawn to some kind of parish work which engages with people who are in the same boat as I was - more or less, that maybe attend Mass weekly but leave their faith at the Church until the following week if you know what I mean. That was me anyway, and I know there are others like me.

I’m praying for inspiration, but none has come yet. Anyone here have any ideas? I’m not living in the US by the way, so there is not the same wealth of national programs to cater for this group as there seems to be in America. Any input would be much much appreciated.

Hello Trials

 I am thankful that you are not afraid to be honest. I was away for 22 years and did a lot of err "fun"  stuff myself which I now regret. I used to blame my youth but now I know that I was just selfish. My longing for the eucharist is what has brought me back home. 

 As far as what you can do with limited choices. Reach out like you are now to others. Share your story warts and all to others who are struggling to get back to the church. The biggest barrier for many of us is not realizing that the church has no intention of abandoning us and wants us back in it. This is why we have Reconciliation so that we can once again receive the eucharist. This is why we have such a rich array of devotions to help us get a relationship with Jesus back- like Adoration, The Rosary. etc. Misinformed "former" Catholics will cite reasons that are nothing but myth as to why they think they can't come back. Once they learn the truth most are relieved and wondered why they waited so long. 

 The internet is such a blessing in that you can be anywhere in the world and reach out to many people. Make use of it. You can reach people through forums like this one or write a blog. As far as what you can do in your actual church-just ask them what they need and see if your talents are a match. You would be surprised where things will lead if you put yourself out there in even a limited capacity. If you connect and influence even one person in a positive way that makes everything that you have gone through worth it. Not many of us will be blessed to convert 1000's but even bringing one new person or one old person to the church is one lost sheep for God and that is worth more than you could ever imagine. 

Hugs M.

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