Evangelist Pat Robertson: Islamic Radicals Might Be the ‘Best Thing That Ever Happened to the World’

Christian TV host Pat Robertson said this week that the Islamic State’s brutal beheadings might be the “best thing that ever happened to the world,” saying that these events are essentially eye-opening.

“You wonder, maybe the best thing that ever happened to the world is for these crazies in ISIS to keep on beheading people and doing some of these extreme things,” Robertson said.


Yes, that does sound a lot like the logic of Pat Robertson. I’ve always found him entertaining to watch even though I rarely agree with anything he says. Well, the beheadings and other atrocities carried out by ISIS have certainly NOT been “the best thing that ever happened to the world” for those unfortunate victims, including mainly Christians and Muslims, of these acts of violence, or for their families and friends. Robertson’s point is that it calls attention to the non-peaceful nature of Islam, according to his view of the religion. Even if his opinion of Islam were true (which I do not agree with), it would hardly be worth such an awful price to so many innocent people.

I used to watch clips of him for the same entertainment value one might get from watching Saturday Night Live!

I do not believe radical islam to be representative of most Muslims. It would be like saying the Westboro baptists are a general representation of Christianity.

really? Isis, hezbollah, al quada, et al would slaughter every single jew in Israel given the opportunity. Yet you do not agree with the factual evidence of the violent nature of islam? Fascinating perspective.

I guess the Muslims I have worked with are not representative of “true Islam” because they are generally peaceful people. One actually told me that they view Christians and other people “of the Book” as their brothers.

Does anybody take this guy seriously anymore? Come to think of it, did anyone ever take him seriously?

I wish Christopher Hitchens was still alive. That way, when Pat Robertson finally kicks the bucket, Hitchens could have given him the same treatment that Falwell received.

I fail to see what is wrong about what he said.

Dangerous comparison and way of thinking. ISIS is no WBC they are a violent, intolerant group that is recruiting worldwide and is on track to become a radical nation that very well could be most evil the earth has seen.

These aren’t protesting wackos, they are cold stone killers, rapist and slave traders that if they got their hands on a nuclear weapon they would use it.

Pat Robertson is an idiot.

Christopher Hitchens is still alive.

He died a few years ago from cancer.

Read the CCC, and listen to the words of the last four Popes and learn what the Church teaches regarding Islam.

Read the full history of the Church and its issues with Islam. Then read the actual history of Islam and it’s violent spread across the Mediterranean and arabia, southern europe and western Asia. Read the history of Lepanto.

So is the CCC and are the Popea of the 20 th century mistaken, confused or what?

ISIS & the like are simply “Devout” or “Fundamental” Muslims…
…This was actually what the media USED to call them.
…& this was an accurate description.

Eventually those terms were dropped because it made people think…
…Hey, I know some Fundamental Baptists OR Fundamentalist Christians.
…Wait a minute - those people don’t do those kinds of things!
…“So does Islam actually teach these things?”

The facts are that most of the worlds Muslims are peace loving and just like the rest of the world…
…They want what’s good for their Family, have a good life etc.
…Fortunately the majority of Muslims are NOT DEVOUT.
…It’s the Devout or “Fundamental” Muslims that do the things you see on the news.

Well said, we certainly can read Pope Benedict and what other Popes have said, of course, we got with Church teaching.

The views you express here are at variance with Church teaching

What specific views would you be speaking of?

I will not venture an opinion on why there has been a change in the Church’s stance toward islam. I merely state facts and the position of the Church for many centuries.

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