Evangelization and the Jewish people.

I’ve heard it said that the Church won’t evangelize the Jews. Why? Didn’t Jesus do just that? He preached mostly to the Jews, it was Paul who turned to the heathens but he always preached in the synagogue first.

What’s the Church’s position?

Where and when did you here this? How reliable was the source?

The issue, to my understanding, is that we will not target them because of their ethnic or religious status. We will still evangelize all of the world, but the Church will not produce a “Why it is wrong to be Jewish” project.

Why it is wrong to be Jewish? Why it is wrong to be Muslim? Why it is wrong to be Buddhist?

When evangelizing it’s not going about telling people why they are wrong it’s about getting them to know the Lord Jesus.

Ok, let me see if I can explain what I am thinking.

It is wrong to be Muslim or Buddhist because they are not religions that were created by God to lead humanity to Himself.

I cannot say that about being Jewish.

It is wrong to be Muslim or Buddhist because these faiths do not contain a covenant with God and man.

I cannot say that about being Jewish.

We can say that the Jewish faith is missing the fulfillment of the law found in Jesus.

It is wrong, however, to take a position of superiority over the Jewish faith because we have Jesus and they reject him.

I’m really suspicious of this kind of reasoning it does not seem to fit in with traditional Catholic teaching and certaintly not with Holy Scripture.

I’d be glad if you could show me some authoritative sources for your info.

Well, we can start with Romans 11:16-34 where Paul says that we have been grafted onto the tree with the Jews and that they still have a role to play.

What the statement from the Bishops said, and it was back in 2002, is that they should not be targeted because they were Jews. Systemic attempts to focus on one group is one thing, saying that we should target them because they are Jewish is another.

It certainly is true that the Church seems to hesitate these days when it comes to converting the Jews. I think this new trend in Catholic thought concerning the Jews and evangelization is largely a result of a post-WWII Church trying to disassociate Herself from any kind of Antisemitism whatsoever. This fear is causing us to do great harm by withholding the Gospel from souls who need it (and all souls are in need of Him).

Not to mention this whole modern notion that we should be more tempered in our approach to Jews because they have a covenant. If that covenant was all that was needed, then why did Jesus preach predominantly to the people of the Old Covenant? I

Don’t ever forget people, that the Church is both the new Israel and the Chosen people.

The tree is Christ.

The US Bishops do not have universal jurisdiction and cannot make new teaching as they go.
Is there anything in the documents of Vatican II or in the universal cathechism that says the same or has the pope made any such statments?

Without Christ there is NO salvation.

So all Jews who do not accept Christ are damned?

Pope Benedict said this in an audience a long while back:

With their very own existence, the Twelve - called from different backgrounds - become an appeal for all of Israel to convert and allow herself to be gathered into the new covenant, complete and perfect fulfilment of the ancient one.


Generally, anyone who rejects our Savior is not saved. Of course, someone who desires to surrender themselves completely to God’s way, truth, and life but is innocently in error as to these things, implicitly accepts Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life.

How can the Jews reject Christ, when Christ was never accepted in the first place by them?? I do no believe the Jews are condemned to hell. It is more of a sin to accept Jesus first, then reject him.

I agree with this - but would further add that I believe this also applies to those supernaturally blinded to faith in Christ as I believe the vast majority of Jews have been (God fortold they would have eyes but not see and ears but not hear) - for how long? Until the full allotment of gentiles comes in (Romans 11) and then “all Israel will be saved”. Similarly Zechariah talks about in the end times the Jewish people morning for the one whom they have pierced.

While Protestant theology (generally - there are exceptions) holds firmly that one must confess Jesus as saviour by name to be saved, the Catholic Church believes in the possibility of salvation for those of other faiths, based upon their search for God to the best of their knowlege and ability.



Yes you might not have to explicitly confess Christ as Savior but all who are saved are saved through Him. Christ is the universal Savior, that’s dogma.

The Jews need Jesus and the fullness of Truth just as any human.

But the Jews do not see this.

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