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Hello all, I was in search of the Evangelization Category, but could not find it. So, I’ll post my question here. Does anyone know where I can obtain “conversion stories and reversion stories” that we can use in our Weekly Bulletin? I find most of these stories inspirational and think many of our parishioner’s might feel the same way. I’m afraid to republish stories I read on line for fear of stepping on someone’s rights and ownership. Help please?

God Bless You,

I’m not sure how large your parish is but is it possible that someone in your parish might be willing to share a conversion/reversion story with the parish? Maybe you could put a note in the bulletin if you would like to share a story of reversion of conversion please call YOU, LOL or the parish or whatever means of communication works best for your parish.

Just a thought but I think it’s a wonderful idea!~
Good luck and I hope you get some good ideas here.

Thank you for your suggestion. A story from one of our parishioner’s would be a BIG bonus. I’ll chat with the priest about it.

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