Evangelization of America?

If Protestantism is a heresy (it is, right?), then why don’t we evangelize America which is about 50% Protestant? Only 25% of Americans are Catholic. Catholicism was spread to most of the Roman Empire by only the original 11 Apostles. (If my facts are wrong, sorry)

Good idea! My whole family and most of my friends are Protestant. I really want to see them in heaven. We should do everything in love:)

Also, I asked my grandma why she didn’t like the Catholic Church. She mentioned the sex abuse scandal and preist celibacy. Not all objections to the Church are theological. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

I wouldn’t describe protestantism as necessarily heretical.It depends on what they are preaching.To disagree with Catholic teaching doesn’t make one a heretic it just makes him ill informed.A heresy to the Church would be a preacher who condemns the catholic teaching on transubstansiation and tells his audience some reason(which is a lie) that the Church teaches it.He may say theChurch teaches one to tithe so the Pope can buy a villa in Spain.That would be a heresy.

I feel the interpretation you provide is a little bit too narrow and arbitrarily specific. I know Wikipedia isn’t exactly the most accurate source but this is what they have to say:

"Heresy is defined by Thomas Aquinas as “a species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas.”[14] The Catholic Church asserts and teaches that its doctrines are the authoritative understandings of the faith taught by Christ and that the Holy Spirit protects the Church from falling into error when teaching these doctrines. To deny one or more of those doctrines, therefore, is to deny the faith of Christ. Heresy is both the non orthodox belief itself, and the act of holding to that belief.

While the term is often used by laymen to indicate any non orthodox belief such as Paganism, by definition heresy can only be committed by someone who considers himself a Christian, but rejects the teachings of the Catholic Church. A person who completely renounces Christianity is not considered a heretic, but an apostate, and a person who renounces the authority of the Church but not its teachings is a schismatic."

But in response to the main question, I think that yes, Christians should constantly be evangelizing, but it doesn’t need to be particularly obvious. The greatest witness is merely being an example by your own life, not campaigning to convert others.

Peace :slight_smile:

Excellent. If I remember right I think a St.( i forgot which, simply walked through a pagan town wearing his clerical garb a simple robe and staff. His follower asked him when were they going to start evangelizing, he smiled at his follower and responded,“We just did.”

Peace be with you

You will if they are good Christians. don’t worry.

it’s more like 20% of the USA is Catholic I think.

The original protestant fathers were heretics. I’m not sure you can apply the same label to their offspring and modern day followers. … Can you follow a heresy and not be a heretic? Yes, if you were raised that way I think.

It falls to us to defend the faith and show how Christians should live, at the very least. Active Evangelization requires a bit more knowledge and preparedness than I have right now. Even then, I would not be aggressive. Staunch yes, but one must not be painted as the bad guy in a debate.

Also, I have heard this comparison before:
America’s spirit of Freedom and Liberty are especially attuned to protestantism’s acceptable “believe what you want” denominational kind of attitude. It takes a bit of humility to be a Catholic. Forgo your pride, and all that.

That was St. Francis of Assisi. He did more than just walk through the town, however. He started by visiting a widow who’s husband had recently died. He continued, bringing food to the poor and visiting a sick friend. This is where the famous saying “Preach the Gospel to all the world, if necessary use words” originated.

Your point is well taken, however. If we would actually live the Gospel, millions would convert. St. Francis’ life was so Christ-like that it was irresistable to those who witnessed it. He brought bishops to tears and to repentance. He not only converted pagans, but reformed the Church from within.

What gives you the impession that the Church doesn’t evangelize?

I have to speak up here…

Equating denominations and believing that all you have to do is be a good Christian to get into Heavenis a problem which is jeapordizing the souls of countless men in our modern times.

The sacraments of baptism, confirmation, pennance and the Eucharist give Christians who make use of them a tremendous advantage over Christians who knowngly or unknowingly do not. Consider confession for a moment. God’s ordinary and normal means to recieve forgiveness from mortal sin and return to a state of sanctifying grace is found only in the sacrament of pennance of the Holy Catholic Church. Those who are in a state of mortal sin but don’t recieve the sacrament of pennance can certainly pray to God directly for forgiveness, but if sincere repentance and sufficient contrition are required to be forgiven of venial sin by our own prayer, how much more so for mortal sin?

…for we do not know how to pray as we ought…(Romans 8:26)

When contrasted with the mechanism which God himself gave us to recieve his forgiveness, those who pray to God directly for forgiveness from mortal sin instead of going to confession and recieving absolution from a priest acting in the person of Christ, place their salvation at great risk.

And the Bible is clear… We must be holy to see God (Hebrews 12:14). Nothing unclean will enter Heaven (Revelation 12:27). The gate is narrow and the road is constricted which leads to Heavena and few will find it (Matthew 7:14) Yet God became one of us and knows that we we are weak and that we do not pray as we ought. And that is exactly why he gave us his Holy Catholic Church. All salvation comes from God but the Holy Catholic Church is God’s instrument for that salvation in the world.

An official asked him this question, "Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus answered him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone. You know the commandments, ‘You shall not commit adultery; you shall not kill; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness; honor your father and your mother.’” And he replied, “All of these I have observed from my youth.” When Jesus heard this he said to him, “There is still one thing left for you: sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have a treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” (Luke 18:18-22)

I’m afrad that “Being a good Christian” is not enough and that’s why I evangelize, to bring men to the universial instrument of salvation in the world, the Holy Catholic Church.


:bowdown2: I think you have said it all.

Didn’t someone a while back state that the US has returned to the status of mission territory?

Sorry, duplicate post. Please ignore.

We’ll ill agree with you on one thing. It is a blessing to be in the One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholics Church which contains the sacraments. I’m getting officially confirmed in two weeks.

Does it work both ways? Is it okay for Fundamentalists to evangelize Catholics? Many people on here have expressed frustration with Protestants in general for sending missionaries to predominantly Catholic countries.

If Catholics are properly educated and informed about the church, I suspect no amount of evangelical effort would be able to sway them. I also suspect if evangelicals were properly educated and informed, then they would no longer be protestants.

I think we should come up which realistic ideas then goals to do exactly as you talking about “evangelize America”. And then take on the responsibilty to do exactly this. And being its Spring throughout America I believe we should get started now, then have a plan into action by August.:shrug:

How about a Walk Across America for Jesus Chirst and the Unity of His church? Any other ideas? Which can work?

So whos putting this togther and when are we starting?

God Bless, Gary

God Bless, Gary

I don’t who know originally stated it, but many of us have been promoting this thinking in the recent past and present.

We simply need to place thoughts into action now. And move the USA back to a priority as missionary work. Which we have by large been leaving to the Holy Spirit. I know we can get more help from the Holy Spirit when a greater effort is made.

Wheres “CAT” at…I wonder what she has been thinking about on this topic? :smiley: Lot of us are convinced we need to get busy with this. But its has to done in peace, love and understanding and the teaching of Jesus Christ in New Testament.

And we need a working plan which realistically can be effectively done and accomplished.

I believe to bring the idea public constantly appeals to the sleeping silent majority, and the entire public in General.

I also believe that those who converted to the Catholic Church become a very big asset in this mission.

God Bless, Gary

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