Evangelization Pope John Paul II

Our beloved Pope John Paul II called for people to go forth and evangelize to the ends of the earth to the whole world. What better way to evangelize to great numbers of people than via the internet on Catholic websites like Savior Radio and Internet Scriptures a combination of spiritual inspiration and uplifting one’s spirit to the Word of God. We need the God’s Word and Spirit spread throughout the world which is in so much sin and darkness. We as Catholic’s need to support ministries to spread our faith to others as God asks us. The world as we know it is passing. Materialism has become our God in America we need to show our country our faith in numbers we must stand united and do our part to spread the light of God’s word to those who do not know God. It is our mission in life to be disciples in Christ. Reach out to others and do your part. Then one day when you come before your God he will say that he will acknowledge you before his father because you acknowledged him to others throughout the earth. Spread the word live and active faith and God will bless you beyond measure

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