Evangelization teams?!

This was brought up in another thread specifically by one poster who said…

Soooooo… who else thinks this is a good idea… I DO!!!
I would love if the Catholic Church had evangelization teams… in a sorta mission type thing…
Maybe not as extensive… or complicated as mormon missionaries but to some extent that kinda idea… for people requesting more information they can call a catholic church close to them and have someone come over… :smiley:

I think it is a great idea.
While not going “door to door” my Parish periodically has sessions for anyone interested in the faith. This is advertized out front on a very busy thoroughfare.


If you are anonymously inviting people to come to mass you need to add something to make it clear they cannot receive communion.

In the thread that the OP’s quote was taken this was addressed.
The Thread is HERE


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