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Does anyone know of a good Catholic evangelization program? I am a revert and I have just recently consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary through the method of St. Louis de Montfort. I am on fire with the faith that I took for granted for too long. I am feeling called to evangelize. I am not sure what to do other than pray and look for any opportunity that God may be giving me. I am considering starting a rosary club or possibly looking into the Legion of Mary for our parish. I feel that I need to be working on something big. I dont know why or what. I know this isn’t giving you much to go on but thanks in advance!
God Bless!

Hi and welcome home!!

Has your parish got many ministries such as SVP, Legion of Mary, etc? Maybe you would like to get involved in one of the many groups your parish has.I have been a parish representative for a group called ‘Churches Together’ for a few years now,whereby we meet up with other Christian churches for joint ventures.Corporal works of mercy are a way I try to incorporate in to my everyday life.l try to help homeless people when I see them.I have given many rosaries away aswell as a hot drink or food and money.I have befriended a wonderful refugee family from Romania.Sponsoring a child is also very needed.I sponsor a child in Uganda.Cafod have many activities and fund raising events throughout the year perhaps you may be interested in getting invlolved with helping them in whatever way you can ,be it going overseas and giving aid to a monthly donation.I do the latter,as I do not have the time or freedom to physically help.

I don’t know if any of this is what you were thinking of.God bless you

Thank you for replying to my post! I have also had encounters with the homeless recently and have started stocking my truck with prayer cards and rosaries. The warm drink is a great idea. I am not familiar with SVP, what is that? I need to find out more about our current parish programs. I will continue to pray and ask that the path I am supposed to take is well lit. I too, am not in the position of being a missionary. Thanks again and God bless!

Hi the SVP is St Vincent de Paul Society.Our parish has a number of active ministries and SVP happens to be just one of them.
You have a good heart and I am sure God will continue to lead you to where you can show the love of Christ to others as you already are.Have a chat with your parish priest and see what your parish has going on that you may wish to get involved in.May God bless you always

Is the Cursillo movement active in your area? See the National Cursillo page for more info.

Both my wife and I attended our Cursillo weekend in 2009, and we are changed forever.

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I’ve done door-to-door and it’s not easy. I wouldn’t focus on evangelizing with Rosaries (unless you’re evangelizing Catholics). That’s not step 1. Give out pictures of Jesus and little booklets of a gospel.

Have you thought about being a catechist? What age group do you think you’d click with?

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