Evangelizing a homosexual


This Summer, for work reasons, I am going to spend an awful lot of time with a “married” homosexual man (yes, in Spain thanks to our deluded president, Rodriguez Zapatero, 2 men can legally get “married”).

The thing is that I find him a very reasonable an intelligent person, with whom I´ve had some meaningful and agreeable conversations. We have never touched on religion or what I think of his way of life, but I somehow don´t think he would react violently as most homosexuals do when confronted with someone who tells them the truth; namely, that their homosexual lifestyle is offensive to God and harmful to themselves.

How do you think I should address the issue if it comes up? How can I talk to him about Christ if he is living this way? Should I try not to touch on his homosexuality? Or should I start from there?Any advice?


I can’t think of any constructive way to tell anyone that his or her marriage and lifestyle is invalid, esp. in a work environment.

If I were you I wouldn’t touch on that topic with a sixty-foot-pole, esp. since this fellow doesn’t even appear to be Catholic. I don’t know the laws in Spain but if you did that in California you could be sued for harassment.

I wouldn’t do it. It’s just too risky, and you are not responsible for this man’s soul.

Just my two cents.


You are your brother’s keeper. Here’s what the Church says about the legalization of homosexual unions: vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20030731_homosexual-unions_en.html


How is it your business?

I’m with JadensMom, besides this is a co-worker, not a brother, you will do nothing but alienate this man and make work very uncomfortable. I am sure he hasn’t told you the church or your religion is wrong, why would you tell him his life is wrong? To him it’s clearly not. Or he wouldn’t be “married.”

What ever happened to respecting people with SSA and praying for their soul, like the Catechism tells us to? :tsktsk:

What ever happened to the common decency of keeping one’s thoughts to themselves?

Again, it’s work, keep it about work. Feel free to light a candle for him at church.


The whole point is that we haven´t been keeping our thoughts to ourselves, because that´s the essence of conversation. We´ve already talked about fatherhood, family life, educating children; some pretty deap stuff.

I appreciate the difference between a work collegue and a friend, in theory, but often the line is blurred. And if it´s him, rather than me who brings up the subject how can I say what I think without offending?:frowning:


The whole point is that we haven´t been keeping our thoughts to ourselves, because that´s the essence of conversation. We´ve already talked about fatherhood, family life, educating children; some pretty deap stuff.

I appreciate the difference between a work collegue and a friend, in theory, but often the line is blurred. And if it´s him, rather than me who brings up the subject how can I say what I think without offending?:frowning:


Well, what do you think you’ll accomplish by evangelizing to this fellow? Do you think you can persuade him to leave his partner and become un-homosexual? Or become celibate?

I think it’s far more likely that you’ll lose a nice working relationship and make your workplace very uncomfortable. Even if you don’t approve of his lifestyle, are you willing to jeopardize your livelihood over it? What happens if he reports you for harassment to HR?

I still think you’re treading on dangerous ground saying anything at all to him and should mind your own business.

Again, my two cents.


You can take a lesson from the play book of those who are advocating immorality. They do not publically come out and state they support the extreme point or the true goal of their agenda, They chip away at morality asking for very small points that in themselves seem so minute that it would appear unreasonable to oppose them. If you were to come out and say his lifestyle was wrong and he was going to blazes, he would probably tune out or get defensive. It might be more effective to look at the spectrum and where he is on that spectrum. Then push for points that are very modest improvements from his current possition.


I agree with treading softly, but we are also called to share the Gospel. I don’t think that you are wishing to make a big deal about things, it sounds like you just want to share your beliefs with him, and see where the conversation may lead. I think that the best way to evangelize to someone you are not extremely close to, like a friend or family member–is with your life as an example. I also think maybe asking him to come to mass with you, or maybe pass on a book to him, that you think he might read, would be helpful. I think book exchanges can be great ways to introduce people to Catholicism, at their own pace.

Pope JP2 called for a ‘new evangelization.’ Get creative, but keep sharing the faith…:thumbsup:


I think the best way to evangalize in any situation is to be an example of a real Christian yourself. Anything you try and say to this man will probably turn him off and push him further and further away from God. The best way to get somebody’s attention is to be a holy person yourself. Then pray for him and let God do the rest. If God see’s that the time is right, maybe the subject will come up and he’ll ask you what your what your views are and you can explain it to him with love and charity. Other than that, let God take the lead.


What an offensive thing to say. I have never heard of homosexuals reacting violently when ’ good Christians’ tell them that they are living an offensive life. :rolleyes:


I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that this man is already aware that the Catholic church doesn’t recognize his relationship and thinks that his lifestyle is sinful. I doubt you would be telling him anything he doesn’t already know.

I’ll also bet you dollars to doughnuts that if you try to evangelize to him, he’ll have human resources on you for harassment so fast he’ll leave a vapor trail running to them.

Maybe I’m just not a proper evangelist, but I’d be too concerned with keeping my job and being able to put a roof over my son’s head and putting food on the table to try and convert a homosexual in the workplace.

WAY too risky in my opinion.


The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. ( and neither do you). :thumbsup:


Thanks for the advice.

Perhaps I didn´t explain myself well. The reason I posted this query is that this person seems interested in my conversation, and the subject could easily come up. Of course I understand that charging in with Hell and brimestone is a stupid thing to do. The problem I have is that if he touches on the issue of homosexuality I don´t know quite how to tell him what I think. :frowning:

We have already had some pretty deep conversations. The job we´re doing is slow, and there´s LOTS of time for chat.

Isn´t evangelizing simply about loving people enough to tell them the truth? I bet nobody has ever told this man the truth to his face. Things can get so complicated when they should be easy! :blush:


Well, if he specifically asks you what you think specifically about his homosexual relationship, then you might want to ask first: “Do you really want to know? You know I’m Catholic, right?”

And if he says: “Yes, I really, really want to know!”, then you have the green light. But, again, I would phrase the disapproval of homosexual acts in terms of a graded spectrum of “less-to-greater wholesomeness”: promiscuity being least wholesome; homosexual monogamy being more wholesome; homosexual celibacy being even more wholesome; and heterosexual monogamy being most wholesome.


Sorry if you find it offensive. The fact is that I have suffered persecution for simply stating what I believe in public, I have been insulted, threatened and very nearly arrested for peacefully and respectfully standing up for the truth.

This has been in relation to pro-life activities but the abortionist and the homosexual causes are intimately related. I know people who have received death threats from gay activists. The gay lobby tends to be violent. That´s a simple fact. A friend who is a parish priest has an entire web page devoted to insulting and defaming him for daring to speak out against homosexuality.:eek:


Even with this, at least in the American Court system, he could take you for everything your worth. Would the same happen in Spain?


I hope not!!! :hypno:


Perhaps you wouldn’t mind someone telling you the truth about your church and it’s teachings. Namely, how the church perpetuates the “homosexuality lie” regarding Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s sins. Or how the church manipulates the meanng of “sodomite” to misrepresent 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim 1:10 Look at the three fingers pointing back at you and ask yourself if you’re ready for the truth?


Stop your whining! This is a walk in the park compared to the “living hell” you and others within your institution have inflicted on gays and lesbians all throughout history!

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