Evangelizing Hindus

Hello all. I have a couple friends who are into the Eastern Religions, especially Hinduism. I was wondering what I can do to witness to them and bring them to the fullness of the Truth. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

I used to do pest control for a living, and I became very nosy when I would enter there homes and I would see a statue with a elephant head. I just had to ask as many questions as possible, from my understanding. There religion is just based on philosophy, they admit that none of the things written in the GETA every happened, it’s just a story, so if I was you. I was just simply invite them to church.

Hindis believe in a multitude of gods and reincarnation so their whole thought process is totally different than that of Christianity. Maybe a good place to start is prayer to St. Thomas the Apostle as he was the first to evangelize India, next read anything you can about how St. Ignatius successfully brought converts to the Faith in India. And then maybe learn about the Fatima of the East - perhaps at the very least it’ll interest them to learn that the Mother of the Christian God came to give milk & to heal people in their own country.

Some** Hindu’s believe in a multitude of Gods. Hindu beliefs are very vast. Some Hindu’s believe in pantheism, panentheism, monotheism, monism, henotheism, polytheism, non-dualism, dualism, transthesim and even Atheism. I don’t agree with proselytization or evangelization but I know it’s a tenet of the Catholic faith. The best way IMO to evangelize would be through your actions and life.

What’s the GETA?

I presume he means the Bhagavad Gita:-


Oh. I thought that was what he might be referring to but I wasn’t sure.

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