Evangelizing remote tribes


Here is a person murdered trying to evangelize a remote tribe. What do people think about the morality of trying to evangelize uncontacted or remote peoples? Is this in their best interests?

Missionary killed by world's most unaccessable tribes

Salvation is in everybody’s best interest.

That being said, we also have to be realistic about the dangers of spreading illnesses to people who don’t have immunity to our germs, to be respectful of the culture of the person’s we are evangelizing, to dialog with them and basically don’t be a jerk about it.


He broke the law of India. This is the last pre-neolithic tribe left, and is under the protection of India since the 1940s. They want to be left alone. They don’t tolerate anyone coming to the island. They survived a tsunami and then shot arrows at anyone trying to get close enough to see if they were ok.

Basically he was illegally on their soil. And they reacted in a way appropriate to their ways.


these same neolithic people nearly took down an Indian Coast Guard helicopter with arrows two years ago

they want to be left alone…


Their land. Their rules.

This young man had two opportunities to escape. He came back wounded two nights in a row. He insisted on going back a third time. Clearly, he was willing to die a martyr for Christ.

Eternal rest grant unto him…


Honestly, I have a problem with this. At this point, it seemed to be very clear for him that they won´t listen to his missionary work or have any interest in the christian faith. I do also think he wanted to be a martyr, and this is, in my understanding, wrong. To accept dying while preaching is perfectly fine and many saints did so. But to stay on a useless mission in order to die like a martyr is in my eyes near to dishonoring the gift of life the Lord gave us.


He died doing as we were commanded. If the missionaries to the pagan tribes of Europe had given up, respected their wishes and not tried to change their culture, none of us would be having this conversation. We shouldn’t avoid envangelizing primitive people simply because they don’t wish to hear it.

That being said, they defended their borders, and fought to keep their way of life intact. I can respect that, even if they’re wrong.


But they did it a bit more reasonable. The cases where missionaries were killed were often conflicts rising up after the missionary lived with the community for some time and stepped in to defend another person against tribal law, for example. At this point, the gospel was at least known to some of them and grew. But the case above…is in my eyes too much death seeking.


True, the pagans of Europe had a more advanced civilization and engaged in trade and weren’t as hostile. I’ll give you that. Perhaps missionaries will need an escort of soldiers to help with security.


That’s unlikely to happen since the island is specifically protected by Indian law—precisely to keep people away.


They have no resistance to common viral and bacterial infections.
In being there he put them all at risk health wise.

we have seen what happens many times in this situatuion.


What you say here is also true to a certain extent of many of the martyrs of the church. Many knowingly went to their death in order to spread the gospel. The North American martyrs immediately come to mind. Additionally, many of the Saints were very open about wanting to die a martyr.


I just read about this. I’m sorry to hear of his death.

I think in this case, their wishes should have been respected - they have been documented as wanting to be left alone. I can’t imagine even if he’d gone and they’d let him onto their land they would have been converted.


Why are the wrong but a nation state doing the same is considered to be waging “just war”?


They’re wrong for not wanting to hear God’s Word.

I fully respect they are defending their border, their culture, and their people.


What are you talking about? They would have no idea the guy was there to evangelize.


How are they supposed to know what that even means?


I don’t really see that as relevant. That was his intent, they killed him, they didn’t hear the gospel.


How did any of the pagans previously engangelized know what it meant? They were told.


How was he going to tell them, though? Nobody outside the Sentinelese can speak their language, and the Sentinelese certainly don’t speak English. How were they supposed to understand his purpose in coming to their island?

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