Evangelizing remote tribes


Here is the PDF file of that was published in the Gazette on the 18 June 1956:

The Andaman and Nicobar (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation, 1956 provides protection to the Sentinelese



Well said.


What part of my post implied that? The force is only necessary to ensure the safe arrival of missionaries upon the island, not during the actual missionary work.

I don’t think it’s very charitable to insinuate something like this.


What do you think being subdued by the military means?


Exponentially more charitable than what you want to do to the Sentinelese.


Your failure to read my statement in context is astounding.

So the salvation of souls is uncharitable? You may want to read canon 1752 of the Code of Canon Law…


Your proposed methods are uncharitable.


And my sentence did not say we’re going to spread the faith by force. The military is necessary to ensure the safe arrival of missionaries upon the island. If you’re going to dispute what I posted, please at least accurately depict what I actually wrote.


Yeah, it did. Forcing your presence on a population that doesn’t want it for the purpose of proselytizing them is exactly that.


So we should only bring the truth of Christ to people only if we’re absolutely sure they want it? Are you sure that’s reasonable? What about Christ’s command to teach all nations?

More basically, I’d like to ask you a few questions: 1) Do you believe the Catholic faith is the only true religion, and the Catholic Church the only true Church; 2) Is faith necessary for salvation?


I read an account of a whole family being kidnapped off the island a long time ago. The parents died immediately and the kidnapper returned the children to the island with gifts. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/22/world/asia/andaman-sentinelese-missionary.html


First I don’t have a 3 mile exclusionary zone extending from my home like they do. Secondly I’d ignore him after I told him I wasn’t interested.


Was he secular or religious?


Leave it to the Jesuits, they are the “warrior monks” are they not?

Another day, another dead zealot. Wouldn’t it be a warning sign that the government kept trying to keep people off the island?


Forcibly try to convert people? Have you learned nothing from history?


Somebody upthread mentioned securing the island with military force so the missionaries could then safely evangelize.

I want to say “no” to this for two reasons.

First, you’ll frighten and anger the natives, and they will learn to hate Jesus before you even get one word out of your mouth.

Second, churches enter into alliances with government very much at their own risk.
Secular governments only keep religion around when it serves their purpose (like providing law abiding citizens). But as soon as the government wants one ideology and the church opposes it, the government has to power to take things away from the church and to punish it and its members.


If they are at a Neolithic stage and obviously do not want to be disturbed,that should be respected.
Needless to say,that behind any evangelizer,there will be the happy crowd to open a five star hotel in the " Neolithic Island". And they will suffer.
They are defending their means to life,and God is with them anyway,He is patient. We aren’ t.
There are about 100 remote tribes ,I would leave them in peace and pray for them.


This is an interesting article about the effects of contacting and attempting to integrate similar tribes in the same region.

It is not in anyone’s best interest to suddenly spring a life that is incomprehensible on others and yet expect them to behave as if it is better for them. They don’t have anyway of understanding the modern world or how to fit into it. It causes great harm to them and those around them.


Except for the fact that St. Pius X fan is NOT saying that the Sentinelese people should be forcibly converted.


There are some Christian nuts out there, and he was one of them !He didn’t respect their tradition,culture ,belief etc. As someone said in the past, " We have your bible,but we dont have our land anymore!"

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