Evangelizing the indifferent suggestions

How do you evangelize someone who has no interest in religion? I know someone who has said both “what has jesus ever done for me” and “I have no interest in religion its not for me.” This person is physically lazy, doing the minimum to get by life/job wise, they don’t read books and mostly is very self-centered with the attitude what has anyone ever done for me.

Do a whole lot for them.

Pray for them (because faith is a gift from God), be a STRONG friend, and serve them.

I think they need to meet a strong Christian to be attracted…I think they may end up asking “why is this person…sooo different”.

This will hopefully bring up discussions (be ready).

If it dosen’t …at least the person will be around love and in some mystical way, God will be able to touch them in ways that person will be able to understand and accept if they are willing.


I don’t mean to sound picky or put you off, but for starters you can stop judging the people you wish to evangelize.

People often know when they are being judged and people judging often think they’re better than others so much so that they don’t even realize they are coming across as ‘a noisy gong’. You know what the Gospel says about noisy gongs, right? Its in 1 corinthians 13.

This person probably has a lot to show you. I’d advise you truly be humble and see what God loves about them, “lazy”, “self-centered” and all. Then they might listen to what you have to say.

Evangelizing is not a sport, though many treat it as if it were.

Not to be mean or anything, Anne Elizabeth, but your opinion is not helpful. I’ve worked with this person day in and day out for many years and the laziness and self-centeredness I mentioned above are the least offensive things, I can mention, that I’ve this person is involved in. I am not judging them but merely referencing repeatedly seen behaviors.

No offense taken, and if I was not helpful, I am sorry for it. But I really am left wondering, why is it you are trying to help this person? Also, is not reading books sinful? What is the difference between just and needful judging and wrongful judging?

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