Evangelizing through Facebook <- Long Pro-Life Rant... Please Pray for the misguided!

OK - Those of you who don’t know me, I’m a reconverted cafeteria (formerly) cradle Catholic (that is my 'rents are the cafeteria style… subscribe to Call to Action… yikes… and the like). I am also a post-abortive mother who is inspired by the Silent No More campaign and groups like Feminists for Life. Thank GOD for Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life. I have heard the call (so to speak) to be a voice of truth on Facebook for my beloved family and friends, who have been led astray w/ false teachers/shepherds (those who teach that contraception is A.O.K, Abortion is justifiable, Gay “marriage” is marriage, Women ordination, YOU NAME IT!) So when my friends and family post articles in defense of these fallacies, I try to find other links and sites that challenge them to see the other side. Most recently, it has been about the abortion mandate, that it exists and isn’t just a right wing scare tactic. I don’t know why I’ve been “chosen” (for lack of a better term) to have this faith. I just can’t keep quiet about it. I now know what the truth is and am unable to let it be slandered. Specifically, the abortion thing. I know first hand how damaging it is. I know how desperate of a “choice” it is and I know how what society tells young women about that “choice” is a lie, that there is no hope for them as mothers, or their children. I found out the hard way. All of my aunts and uncles (and especially my parents) are pro-health care reform w/ abortion coverage as a necessity. At Mass 2 weeks ago (that’s right, Mass) during the general intercessions, the second one was that abortion be explicitly excluded from the current health care reform bill. To this my father and mother started “grumbling” Needless to say we got into it at the end of Mass. My mother “accused” me of being a right wing kook. That I belonged (and these are her words, pray for her) “to a church that was dead.” YIKES!!! To which I replied, “I belong to the Church that Christ founded.” she “accused” me of being ultra-orthodox and that that chruch no-longer existed (thanks to VII in her mind). Well anyway, I’m making myself a target for all of this b/c of my conviction that this abortion stuff floating around in our society (it’s good for women) is flat out evil and scarier than the green cloud of death in the 10 commandments movie. I’m making myself a target b/c Planned Parenthood is a gateway to Hell on Earth. I’m making myself a target b/c a little persecution isn’t a bad thing :slight_smile: It’s the least I can do for The Way, The Truth and The Life. Please pray, St. Michael, Defend Us in Battle!

that is wonderful that God has lead you back to the Church and to being pro life :hug1: I’m a convert and I’ve recently joined the pro life movement too. I’ve also found A LOT of opposition… but such is the sad state of the world :frowning: we must pray… don’t get discouraged… God bless you!

MDomashinski- God bless you. It can be difficult to come up against opposition but you never know who is observing on the side lines and who is having their heart changed. I agree that Planned Parenthood is demonic and when you go up against them you are making yourself a target of the evil that spews forth from that organization.
St Michael, pray for us.

Thanks be to God for people like you. :thumbsup: The sermon on the plain in Luke 6 is always good reading whenever you feel the pressures of standing up for what is Truth begin to wear you down. Don’t give up! And don’t forget what follows that sermon… Lk 6:27.

God bless you!

I’m always amazed that there are people out there who think that Vatican II made “all things possible” (or rather “permissable”). There are plenty of documents that came out after Vatican II that uphold the ever constant Church teaching: Humanae Vitae, Evangelium Vitae, Veritatis Splendor, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, etc. These documents make it pretty clear that abortion, contraception and the like are still wrong. The Church has not changed Her teaching.

God bless you and your faith! Always remember that the One, True Church is never going to be the easy way, or the majority opinion. I too am often titled “weird” “crazy” “conservative” “ultra-orthodox” you name it, they aren’t exactly original titles.

Like you said, a little persecution is part of our trial in this world. Remember, the body of Christ is broken. Society, many Protestants and even a good portion of our Catholic brothers and sisters do not agree with (understand) the Church’s positions on many things. Do not worry, be strong and persevere!

And God bless all of those who have the courage to stand up in the pro-life movement!!

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