Evangelizing to Muslims on YouTube


Hi Guys!

I am new to the board but thought I would pass along a way to evangelize Muslims. I was surfing on youtube.com and noticed that there is a lot of Islamic and Jihadist videos on there. I have begun to post prayers in the comments sections of the videos. The prayers usually pray for the conversion of Muslims and for them to find the way to the Truth. While the prayers are kind and loving their content definitely shows that they are directed towards Muslims and the false faith that they are following. I have gotten several replies to these prayers from Muslims either insulting me or Catholic beliefs. I lovingly respond to these comments by explaining what Catholic beliefs are on certain subjects (e.g. Trinity, role of Mary) and how Islam is not the way. I don’t know what effect this has had but I think it is like planting seeds. Perhaps someone coming along might see my prayer or the dialogue and begin to question their life as a Muslim. It is similar to distributing pamphlets.

I think this is a way to get Catholic beliefs out in the public forum and to try to save the souls of Muslims. I believe Converting Muslims, especially in Arab countries, to Catholicism will have a great effect on the war against global jihad. Even more than military action.

I just thought I’d pass this along and get your input. Let me know if you have any other ideas along this line for evangelizing Muslims.

I would also welcome recommendations from you Muslims out there how I can better convert you guys and save your souls. :wink:

God Bless!

Here is an example prayer that usually gets a lot of response:

I pray that Muslims will have a full revelation of the true God and His loving character.I pray against the fear that influences many Muslims and that Muslims will also understand that God desires for everyone to know Him as children and not as slaves. I pray for Muslim’s to get saved.I also pray that they will experience God’s total forgiveness and thus be able to forgive others. Finally I pray that they would know the assurance of salvation through Jesus, something Islam can never offer them.


Hi There

You are one good son of God. He’s more happy of you taking care his business…Bless you

However i have something to point out to you. I believe you as a White pple hailing either from Europe/America does not seem to understand the culture of Middle East and Asia pple. You cannot evangelize with your prayer like that.
Yup your prayer is very good to Christ Believer but not to other non believer, and especially to the Muslim, even if my mom a Taoist see your prayer…she will criticize you from top to bottom…

Evangelize is like a marketing campaign (just an illustration) you have to understand different culture, consumer behavior …etc…etc…to determine what kind of marketing strategy you go. You don’t just throw your thing there and assume it will sell and everyone will like it…

Do you know that your prayer are very offensive to muslim and to other religion believer. We are Christian of course we know what we are praying for, but there are not!!! So you cannot just jump in and tell them , oh sorry your God cannot give what my God give…or your God is False my God is true…something like…
No No No, it will never work out this way and in the end you’re not evangelizing you’re stiring more resentment at this group of pple.

Our Pastor(s) have taught us way on how we evangelize…etc…etc…and it really work…
So as for Catholic , i don’t know how you all evangelize!!!

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