Evangelizing Troubles

How are you supposed to evangelize those who don’t want to be evangelized? (Ex: siblings, friends.)

I hope someone with more knowledge and experience than I will answer this question. I’m looking forward to the answer as well.

Live a good example. Just a moment ago my son - out of the blue - asked me a question about our Lord. What it was about doesn’t matter. It just surprised me that apparently he’s been paying attention to things that I thought he didn’t know about. I’m actually kind of stunned at the moment.

So anyway, just live life the best you can.

Use your actions…not necessarily words.

Show them love as Christ would.

Once their hearts are cracked open just a little, you can start a conversation. Let the other person do a lot of the talking, and focus on listening to them.

I am sure you will receive lots of good responses…stay tuned!:slight_smile:

If they are living with you and not open to discussion you could leave your Catholic reading material out in the open so maybe they will look through it. Catholicism for Dummies, Surprised By Truth, etc. If they are not then you do as others have said… live your Faith and look for any opportunity to share your Faith.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words.” St. Francis of Assisi. :signofcross:


Think about this - Preach the Gospel ALWAYS, and when necessary, use words. No need to put on a Holy Josephine act, but let your life and actions be your testemony. And bring into the conversation what you are doing - going to a retreat, asking someone to join you to a mid-week mission, etc. Lots of ways! Ask someone at church for more ways.

I guess you can answer that yourself in regards to you.
If someone from another religion was trying to evangelize you but you didn’t want them to, what would work?
Would anything persuade you?
Or would you not be receptive no matter what the person said or did?


Some good suggestions. Often we judge our actions by results. This is difficult in doing God’s work. We are called to plant seeds and where there is rich soil, they will grow. While a lot of people use that saying attributed to St Francis, I think it is safe today that we need to use words unless otherwise strongly indicated.

Good on you for looking to share the Gospel!

Use your actions instead of your words and offer them your prayers. Let them know that “hey, I’m praying for you” nothing more than that. Sometimes, if not a lot of the time, actions speak much louder than words.

God bless!

There are a lot of different degrees of “don’t want to be evangelized to”. Me, for instance, I think proselytization is hilarious most of the time, though I’d rather not have my friends and strangers badger me about it. Another friend of mine, however, would probably spit in your face at best, as he was constantly abused by his Christian father from an early age. The only Christians that have ever impressed me were the ones who did so with their deeds. I don’t care if they pray at meals or read Christian books or invite me to church or do public work for charity whatever. I do take note when people perform small, unself-conscious acts of compassion or personal integrity. If your religion exhorts you to do those things, then you shouldn’t need to look for opportunities to evangelize. Your religion will speak for itself through your deeds without you even trying.

The Apostles teach us not to constantly harass or bring up issues, even the Gospel, with people, not more than once or twice.

As said earlier, continue to be a good example and pray for them.

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