Evans Calls ‘Kill Your Local Trump Supporter’ Graffiti ‘Troubling’




I haven’t got a horse in this race (unless a miracle happens, and we somehow get neither) but that is messed up.


Yes it is!

(And my horses aren’t in this race either! :wink: )


That’s unfortunate about the graffiti. Being unsatisfied is one thing, promoting violence, and murder, of a presidential candidate especially, is another. Of course, it’s unacceptable and awful. Good thing the election is soon, and maybe then we can get back to our lives. I hope our candidates will be safe in the meantime.


I think if you disagree with who they are voting for …you should kill them. In fact, if you disagree about anything…just kill the other person…

It’s the New American way! :stuck_out_tongue:



I hope you realize, I am being sarcastic? :rolleyes:


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