Eve and Mary as the same woman?


I’m reading “Havah: The Story of Eve” by Tosca Lee, and it’s made me think of how Virgin Mary and First Woman Eve are deeply connected as sisters. I don’t mean sisters in the related sibling sense, but sisters as in sharing something. The more I think about Eve and Mary, the more they could almost have been the same woman. Mary is called “the new Eve”. Eve was tempted by the serpent. Mary will conquer the serpent. Eve disobeyed God, Mary obeyed Him. Eve was originally created without sin, Mary was created without sin. A thought came to me that I know we were never taught, but it’s never dawned on me before until now…could it at all possibly ever be that Mary is Eve, almost reincarnated, in a sense, willed by God? I don’t believe in reincarnation otherwise, yet it was just a thought. That God, after the Fall, knew He would recreate Eve thousands of years later, in the form of Mary, to reverse the sin of the original Eve. Tell me truthfully. Is this an interesting thought? Or a thought that would offend God, and is blasphemous? Or a thought that is neutral, and not necessarily sinful?


No, such a thing is not possible. The Blessed Virgin and Eve are two completely different people. Once Eve died, she stayed dead. She didn’t come back. It would be more accurate to look at Mary & Eve almost as opposites of each other rather than as the same person. Here is a video that explains, according to Scripture, the connection between Mary & Eve in line with Catholic teaching.


First of all… that’s St. Eve (December 24), and don’t forget it!

Second, there’s no such thing as reincarnation, so that couldn’t happen. The whole idea of reincarnation is disrespectful to our God-given bodies, and to the union of unique body and unique soul that makes up a unique human being. When we die and are separated from our bodies until the Resurrection, even in heaven we will be missing something. We will only be complete humans again when our individual souls and bodies are reunited at the General Resurrection. (One of the oldest hymns of the Church is St. Prudentius’ funeral hymn, singing about the joy of the reunion of body and soul on the day of Resurrection.)

Third, the whole point of the Virgin Mary being conceived immaculate of sin is that her soul and body were never touched by sin or original sin. If she were to have been Eve reincarnated, she would have been just another sinner, stuck into a new body.

On the other hand, you are completely correct about Mary and Eve being related (well, okay, so am I related to Eve, duh!) spiritually. This is the relationship called “type” and 'antitype," where one person “foreshadows” the other, or the later person fulfils the mission that the other person started. Obviously Christ is the most common example of this; the Bible is full of Christlike people, and Christ is always going one better than the patriarchs and matriarchs. But Mary is also an example of this, particularly with the matriarchs like Rachel, Ruth, Abigail, Deborah, etc. Mary/Eve is the most important comparison, though.



You were doing O.K. until you said Mary is Eve, reincarnated. That’s when you went off the deep end!


:slight_smile: I know. My imagination gets carried away when I’m reading such a deep book. I figured this wasn’t quite right, but I just didn’t know if it could be a possibly acceptable notion.
All of the answers to my question have put that thought right out of my mind.

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